What Does Verizon Insurance Cover? (All You Need To Know)

Are you thinking about getting insurance for your device through Verizon, but you’re wondering, what does Verizon insurance cover before you buy?

If so, continue reading as I’ve been researching this topic and have a lot of valuable information for you below and will answer all of your questions!

What Does Verizon Insurance Cover In 2024?

Verizon insurance covers lost or stolen devices, malfunctioning devices, and accidental damage in 2024. For example, Verizon insurance will cover damage including water exposure and cracked screens. Furthermore, you will just have to pay the deductible for the claim. However, the cost of the Verizon insurance deductible depends on the phone model as well as the type of damage done.

We know you have more questions about what Verizon insurance covers so keep reading to find out more information!

What Does Verizon Mobile Protect Cover?

Verizon Mobile Protect is the premium insurance offered by Verizon and the monthly cost will depend on whether you want one device covered or multiple.

For example, single device coverage for Tier 1 is $17 per month, with Tier 2 costing $14 per month, but the multi-device option is $50 per month.

Verizon Mobile Protect covers a multitude of issues with your device including:

  • Malfunctions after the warranty ends
  • Stolen device protection
  • Lost device protection
  • Unlimited cracked screen repair with only a $29 deductible each time
  • Battery replacement for certain smartphones
  • Same-day delivery for replacement smartphones or new devices ordered online
  • 24/7 Tech support
  • Unlimited device refreshes
  • Privacy tools
  • Digital security tools
  • 24/7 security advisors

What Does Verizon Protect Cover?

Verizon Protect has recently been retired by Verizon, but it was $14 to $17 per month and covered the following:

  • Accidental damage (water damage, cracked screens, and more)
  • Lost device
  • Stolen device
  • Device malfunctions
  • Covers included accessories such as earbuds, home or car charger, battery, and case

However, there are multiple things that Verizon Protect did not cover including:

  • Damage from immersion in water
  • Damage from immersion in food
  • Normal wear and tear damage
  • Neglect
  • Alteration of the phone
  • Phones with serial numbers remove
  • Phones that have been misused

What Does Verizon Total Mobile Protection Cover?

What Does Verizon Total Mobile Protection Cover?

Verizon Total Mobile Protection has also been retired by Verizon, but it was $12 to $15 per month depending on your device and covered the following:

  • Stolen devices
  • Lost devices
  • Malfunctioning devices
  • Accidental damage (such as minor water damage, cracked screens, and more)
  • Protection for home or car charger, earbuds, battery, and case

Similar to Verizon Protect, the Verizon Total Mobile Protection did not cover the following:

  • Misused phones
  • Phones damaged from water immersion
  • Phones damaged from food immersion
  • Phones that were abused
  • Neglected phones
  • Altered phones
  • Phones that had the serial numbers removed

Does Verizon Insurance Cover Theft?

Regardless of the type of Verizon insurance you have, theft is covered on the insurance so that you’re protected if your device has been stolen.

Furthermore, if your device has been stolen, you should contact Verizon right away to begin filing a claim to get a replacement device and have service to the stolen phone disconnected.

Does Verizon Insurance Cover Lost Phones?

Just like with theft, Verizon insurance covers lost phones regardless of which insurance option you have picked.

Additionally, you should report a lost phone immediately to Verizon so that service to that device can be stopped to protect your device, and so that you’re not responsible for unauthorized use.

Does Verizon Insurance Cover Charging Ports?

It appears that Verizon insurance does not cover charging ports, however, you can take your phone to a Verizon store and they can clean out the charging port to see if that fixes the issue.

Does Verizon Insurance Cover Cracked Back Of Phones?

Verizon insurance does not cover a cracked back of a phone since that is the most sensitive and important part of any smartphone and makes it challenging to repair.

Therefore, Verizon insurance will only cover cracked front screens and will not cover damage to the back of the phone.

Does Verizon Insurance Cover Broken Cameras?

Verizon insurance doesn’t cover a broken camera specifically, but you can get a replacement device instead if you have Verizon insurance.

However, if you want to get a replacement device you’ll need to begin the insurance claim and pay the deductible.

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Verizon insurance covers three main situations regardless of which insurance coverage you have which are theft, stolen devices, and accidental damage. However, Verizon insurance does not cover broken cameras, broken charging ports, or cracked back of screens or phones.

Additionally, Verizon has retired multiple insurance options and has pushed customers to the premium insurance which is Verizon Mobile Protect, which ranges from $14 to $50 per month.

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