Does Verizon Offer Free Hulu and Netflix? (Full Guide)

Verizon Wireless always has special deals and promotions, which include free streaming services with certain plans.

Therefore, you may be wondering- does Verizon offer free Hulu and Netflix to customers? If so, continue reading below to learn what I’ve discovered!

Does Verizon Offer Free Hulu and Netflix In 2024?

Verizon does offer free Hulu to both new and existing Verizon Wireless customers, but only if you’re on specific Verizon plans such as Unlimited in 2024. Verizon Wireless doesn’t offer free Netflix to customers, but Verizon FIOS has a Netflix channel and in 2018 had offered a free year of Netflix for new customers.

We know you have more questions about Verizon and what streaming services are offered to customers, so keep reading to learn more details and find out how you can qualify!

Does Verizon Offer Hulu or Netflix?

Verizon Wireless offers Hulu as part of its plan perks if you sign up for any of the Verizon Unlimited Plans. Furthermore, you can get 6-months of Hulu free if you sign up for the 5G Start Unlimited plan, and then it’ll cost you $7.99 per month afterward.

If you choose the 5G Play More Unlimited, you’ll get Hulu for free as long as you stay on the eligible Unlimited plan, and it’s shareable with everyone that’s on your account!

Additionally, the 5G Do More Unlimited plan offers 6-months of free Hulu and then $7.99 per month afterward.

5G Get More Unlimited gives you Hulu free for the entire time you’re on an eligible plan so you don’t need to worry about paying for it. Also, anyone on your account can use Hulu too!

Is Netflix Free with Verizon Wireless?

Unfortunately, Verizon Wireless doesn’t offer Netflix for free at this time, as the company partnered with Disney to offer other streaming services including Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.

Verizon FIOS had a deal where you could get a year of Netflix for free when you signed up for FIOS, but that deal was in 2018 and has not been a promotion recently.

However, Verizon FIOS may run a special again where you can get a Netflix subscription for free, so you’ll have to keep checking the FIOS deals for future opportunities!

What Streaming Services are Free With Verizon?

Verizon offers a variety of streaming services for new and existing customers on select plans, which include the following:

  • Disney+
  • Hulu
  • ESPN+
  • AMC+
  • Apple Music
  • Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade

How Do I Activate My Free Hulu With Verizon?

How Do I Activate My Free Hulu With Verizon?

It’s very easy to activate your free Hulu subscription with Verizon, and you can begin watching today by following these steps as long as you’re the account owner or manager:

  • Sign in to your My Verizon account
  • Go to Account Apps & Add-Ons > Overview
  • Click on Entertainment > Disney Bundle > Learn More
  • Click on “Get it Now” after accepting the Terms & Conditions and then “Enroll in Disney+”
  • Enter an email address that you want to use, then click on “Check Email”
  • Make sure your information is correct and then click on “Go to Disney”
  • Enter the email address on the Disney website, check the Subscriber Agreement and Privacy Policy boxes, and then click “Agree & Continue”
  • If this is the first time setting up a Disney account, enter a password and click “Continue,” or if you have Disney+ already login to your existing account
  • Once logged in, click “Activate Hulu”
  • Create an account with Hulu and use the same email you’ve been using for this process
  • Click the boxes that you’ve read the Privacy Policy and Hulu Terms of Use and click on “Continue”
  • You can now begin watching Hulu for free, and you can even download the Hulu iOS or Android app so you can watch right from your other devices

If you have problems trying to activate your Hulu subscription, you also can contact Verizon customer service to get you up and running or guide you through the process.

Does Verizon FIOS Have Hulu Channel?

Unfortunately, Verizon FIOS doesn’t have a dedicated Hulu channel, which means you’ll need to either have a Smart TV or use a device such as Roku or an Amazon Firestick to watch Hulu.

However, you can download the Hulu app onto your smartphone or tablet and watch it on your portable devices anytime you want!

Does Verizon FIOS Support Netflix?

Verizon FIOS does support Netflix, and it’s easier than ever to begin watching Netflix on FIOS TV by following one of the below steps:

  • Turn your FIOS TV to channel 838
  • Use your remote to bring up the widgets
  • Use your remote to go to the Main Menu, then click On-Demand, and choose Netflix

However, to watch Netflix on your FIOS TV, you’re going to need a Netflix subscription, FIOS Internet, and a FIOS set-top box that has Multi-Room DVR capability.

Additionally, you can sign up for Netflix right from your FIOS TV by going to the Netflix channel if you don’t already have a Netflix account or would like to upgrade your Netflix account.

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Verizon does offer free Hulu to existing and new Verizon Wireless customers, but it’s typically limited to customers on a Verizon Unlimited plan.

Further, almost all of the Verizon Wireless Unlimited options come with Hulu for free as long as you’re on an eligible plan!

Verizon Wireless does not offer free Netflix, although Verizon FIOS has a dedicated Netflix channel and has previously offered a free year of Netflix when you sign up for FIOS.

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