Does Verizon Work in Aruba? (All You Need to Know)

Verizon is one of the leading wireless carriers in the United States and offers unparalleled coverage all over the world. But perhaps you’re wondering- does Verizon work in Aruba?

If so, keep on reading as I dive into the details surrounding whether Verizon works in Aruba, and if so, where you’ll find the best coverage!

Does Verizon Work in Aruba in 2024?

Verizon does work in Aruba, but you’ll need to activate TravelPass on your account to avoid hefty charges for calls, texts, and data while traveling in 2024. Furthermore, there are some locations within Aruba where you may get little to no cell service or have to move around to keep a strong signal.

Do you want to know even more about Verizon’s coverage in Aruba, such as how much you’ll pay to use your phone? Well, don’t stop reading, yet as I have more to share with you below!

Can I Send Texts in Aruba With Verizon?

You can text in Aruba with Verizon, but the best option is to add TravelPass to your account to ensure you’re not being charged expensive fees.

For example, with TravelPass, you will pay a flat rate per day, and you’ll be using your regular domestic plan instead of paying higher fees for the international trip.

How Do I Use My Verizon Phone in Aruba?

The first step to using your Verizon phone in Aruba would be to add TravelPass to your Verizon account so that you’re not charged additional roaming fees while traveling.

Furthermore, you can add TravelPass right before you go to Aruba, or you can schedule your trip and set a date for TravelPass to be added to your account.

How Do I Get a Verizon TravelPass for Aruba?

It’s easy to add TravelPass to your Verizon account by either texting “Travel” to 4004 or by adding the plan to your account through the My Verizon website or app.

However, it’s important to note that TravelPass becomes active once you land in Aruba and your device connects to the network, including refreshing the weather or checking your email.

Therefore, the 24-hour period for each $10 fee will start at that time, and every day that your phone connects, including apps in the background running and updating.

How Much Does Verizon TravelPass Cost for Aruba?

If you plan on using TravelPass when you go to Aruba, you’ll be paying $10 every day you actually use your phone, so that you’re only charged the days your phone connects to Verizon.

Does Verizon Work in Noord Aruba?

Verizon does work in Noord, Aruba, and if you look at the Verizon coverage map, you’ll see that you should have great service within this city with 4G LTE speed.

Does Verizon Work in Malmok Aruba?

Does Verizon Work in Malmok Aruba?

The Verizon coverage map shows that it’ll work in Malmok, Aruba, and you shouldn’t experience any dead zones or spotty service while visiting this area.

Does Verizon Work in Oranjestad Aruba?

If you visit Oranjestad, Aruba, you’ll have excellent service with Verizon when you look at the coverage map of Oranjestad, and you won’t have dropped calls or a loss of service.

Does Verizon Work in San Nicolaas Aruba?

You’ll notice that on the Verizon coverage map of Aruba, you’re going to have great cell phone service while in San Nicolaas, Aruba, and there should not be any signal drops.

Does Verizon Work in Santa Cruz Aruba?

The Verizon coverage map shows that you’ll have coverage in Santa Cruz, Aruba, and you’ll have 4G LTE speed with no drops in coverage or any dead spots.

Does Verizon Work in Wayaca Aruba?

Verizon does work in Wayaca, Aruba, and you’ll get 4G LTE speeds with no drops in signal or coverage.

Does Verizon Work in Dakota Aruba?

On the Verizon coverage map of Aruba, you’ll find that Dakota has great 4G LTE coverage with Verizon and there are no dead zones or drops in coverage through this area.

Does Verizon Work in Eagle Beach Aruba?

If you’re visiting Eagle Beach, Aruba, you’ll love how Verizon offers 4G LTE coverage within this area, and you won’t experience dropped calls as the signal strength is strong.

Does Verizon Work in Arashi Beach Aruba?

When you look at the Verizon coverage map of Aruba, you’ll notice that you will have coverage in Arashi Beach Aruba and you should maintain 4G LTE coverage while visiting this city.

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Verizon does work in Aruba and will work in all of the major travel destinations including Santa Cruz, Eagle Beach, Noord, Dakota, and Oranjestad.

However, to avoid unnecessary fees, you will need to add Verizon TravelPass to your account, which will cost you only $10 per day that you use your device while in Aruba.

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