Does Verizon Work In Puerto Rico? (Your Full Guide)

Traveling can be fun, but it can also be a hassle to know if your phone will work when you travel, such as if you plan to visit Puerto Rico.

If you have Verizon as your cell phone provider, you may be curious whether or not your device will work when you travel to Puerto Rico.

Well, look no further for all the answers you need! I’ve researched the matter, and here’s everything I found out!

Does Verizon Work In Puerto Rico In [currentyear]?

Verizon works in Puerto Rico, and the network considers it a domestic location since Puerto Rico is part of the United States as of [currentyear]. However, coverage in Puerto Rico is spottier than in most other areas, which could hinder your ability to use your phone to make calls, send emails, and browse the Internet.

Do you want to know more about Verizon in Puerto Rico, such as if it’s free to use your phone there or if prepaid Verizon phones work? Continue reading to learn those answers, plus more!

Is Puerto Rico Included In Verizon Wireless Plans?

Yes, Puerto Rico is included in Verizon Wireless Plans as it’s considered a part of the United States. Although, you have to enable roaming on your phone or other devices for it to work.

Still, you’ll find that coverage is worse in Puerto Rico than in the United States, so you might be in a location where you have a hard time getting a signal.

Are You Charged A Fee For Using Verizon In Puerto Rico?

Even though you enable roaming while traveling to Puerto Rico, there are no fees associated with using your phone there since Verizon considers it a domestic call.

Furthermore, Verizon doesn’t charge a fee when it’s considered domestic roaming, regardless of the location.

Additionally, Verizon offers a map of its coverage area so you can see what locations are included and which places are considered domestic.

How Do You Know When Verizon Is Using Domestic Roaming?

It’s simple to determine whether your Verizon phone is in domestic roaming mode because most phones will display the word “Extended” at the top of the device’s screen.

However, not all Verizon phones will display “Extended,” as that will only appear if the device supports this mode.

Also, if you don’t see the word on the top of the screen, you can check the coverage map to ensure you’re in a location where domestic roaming is possible or call customer service to verify.

Does Verizon Prepaid Work In Puerto Rico?

Verizon prepaid phones work in Puerto Rico just as the contract phones, and since Puerto Rico is considered a domestic location, Verizon shouldn’t charge you extra.

However, you can check to see eligibility based on your plan and the prepaid phone you have by visiting the Verizon website or using the Verizon interactive coverage map.

Suppose your prepaid smartphone has Wi-Fi calling enabled.

In that case, you can call any phone number within the United States for free using the Wi-Fi calling feature when you’re traveling internationally.

Further, all you need to use the Wi-Fi calling feature is a Wi-Fi connection, which you can get in Puerto Rico and many other locations.

Does Verizon Calling Work In Puerto Rico?

Does Verizon Calling Work In Puerto Rico?

Yes, with Verizon, you’re able to use your phone and either make calls or send calls.

However, customers have noted online that the calls instantly go to voicemail instead of your phone ringing a lot of the time.

Moreover, this could be due to the lack of reliable coverage in Puerto Rico, as your phone might show no signal or only one bar.

However, the best workaround for this would be to ensure that you have your voicemail set up before you leave for Puerto Rico to ensure any calls can at least go to voicemail.

Does Verizon Hotspot Work In Puerto Rico?

Yes, Verizon Hotspots will work in Puerto Rico. However, you may notice that it might be harder to use your Hotspot when you’re in Puerto Rico.

For example, customers have complained online that it’s harder to get coverage while staying in Puerto Rico as it’s more unreliable than in the United States.

Additionally, the complaints from customers are that it’s much slower for websites to load, takes a while to check your email, and will take much longer for text messages to send.

Does Verizon Data Work In Puerto Rico?

It might be challenging to use your data in Puerto Rico because of coverage issues. Still, Verizon data will work as long as you’re in a location where you can get a proper signal.

But, one of the biggest complaints about Verizon in Puerto Rico is that it’s going to take a long time to complete basic tasks, so you should use your data sparingly.

Does Verizon Work In San Juan, Puerto Rico?

San Juan is one of the more reliable locations to use your Verizon phone if you’re traveling to Puerto Rico, and you’ll get decent coverage there as opposed to other parts.

Does Verizon Work In Ponce, Puerto Rico?

When you look at the Verizon coverage map, you’ll see that Verizon will work in Ponce.

However, Ponce will not provide nearly as good a service signal as your phone does in San Juan.

Also, since Ponce is near locations where coverage disappears, service will be more intermittent and most likely will not work very well. 

Does Verizon Work In Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico?

You should be able to get pretty decent service on your Verizon phone while you’re staying near Rio Piedras, as it’s one of the more reliable locations on the network coverage map.

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Verizon does work in Puerto Rico, although you’ll need to enable roaming to use your phone, and you should see “Extended” at the top of your phone screen.

However, complaints online say that calls often go straight to voicemail, and the service will either work very well, be spotty, or not work at all, depending on your location within Puerto Rico.

Additionally, you can use your Hotspot, data, and calling features while in Puerto Rico for no additional charge because Verizon considers Puerto Rico part of the domestic calling plan.

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