Does Walgreens Blow Up Balloons? [Helium, Balloon Types, Price + More] 

Balloons tend to be excellent additions to the decor of any party. Although they are easily available in most stores, getting them blown up can be a real hassle.

Since Walgreens offers a variety of services at its stores, you may be wondering: does Walgreens blow up balloons? Here is what I’ve found out!

Does Walgreens Blow Up Balloons?

Unfortunately, Walgreens does not blow up any type of balloons at its stores. Instead, you can get both latex and Mylar balloons are blown up with helium from stores like Albertsons, Party City, Party Depot, Wally’s Party Factory, Walmart, and Dollar General for between $0.75 and $8. 

Since Walgreens does not blow up any balloons, where should you go to get your balloons blown up? How much will it cost you? To find out, keep on reading! 

Does Walgreens Blow Up Helium Balloons?

No, Walgreens does not blow up helium balloons at any of its stores. Even though it offers a wide range of convenience services and products, blowing up balloons is definitely not one of these. 

Walgreens does, however, sell standard 12-inch diameter helium balloons made of latex. 

Where Can You Get Balloons Blown Up? 

Since Walgreens does not offer the service of blowing up balloons, you should head over to the nearest store of one of the following chains: 

  • Albertsons 
  • Party City 
  • Party Depot 
  • Publix 
  • Ralphs 
  • Smith’s 
  • Wally’s Party Factory 
  • Zurchers 

You can also visit cheaper alternatives including Dollar Tree and 99 Cents Only stores.

However, note that you must buy the balloons from these stores to get them blown up. Dollar Tree and 99 Cents will not blow up a balloon bought from elsewhere. 

What Type Of Balloons Can You Get Blown Up?

You will primarily find two types of balloons that can be blown up in most stores: 

  • Latex balloons: These are standard spherical balloons that expand when blown up and are available in different sizes (12-inch, 15-inch, and 18-inch diameters) and colors. 
  • Mylar balloons: These have a shiny or textured surface and are available in various shapes and sizes. 

How Much Does It Cost To Blow Up Balloons? 

If you are buying the balloons from Dollar Tree or 99 Cents Only stores, you will have to pay $1 and $0.99 respectively to have each blown up, regardless of the size or type of the balloon. 

For all other stores, the cost of blowing up a balloon varies depending on the type and size of the balloon. Most stores charge close to $1 for blowing up a latex balloon, and anywhere between $1 and $8 for Mylar balloons, depending on the size. 

For example, Party Depot charges $0.75 for each 12-inch latex balloon, $0.90 for an 18-inch Mylar balloon, and $4 for a 36-inch Mylar balloon. 

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Walgreens does not blow up any type of balloons at any of its stores nationwide. As an alternative, you can head over to stores like Dollar Tree, 99 Cents Only, Albertsons, Party City, and Party Depot to get both latex and Mylar balloons are blown up.

Blowing-up latex balloons typically cost close to $1 each whereas Mylar balloons it costs between $1 and $8. 

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