Does Walgreens Sell Amazon Gift Cards? (All You Need To Know)

Walgreens is one of the largest pharmacy chains in the U.S., with 8000+ stores spread all over the country selling a wide range of items other than medicine.

Knowing that Amazon gift cards are becoming increasingly popular as gift options, does Walgreens sell Amazon gift cards? Here’s what I’ve found!

Does Walgreens Sell Amazon Gift Cards? 

Walgreens does sell Amazon gift cards at all of its stores in denominations of $10 (sold as a pack of 3 $10 cards), $25, $50, and $100. Amazon gift cards can only be purchased in-store at Walgreens, do not include any extra purchase fees, and cannot be returned once bought. 

If you’re curious to know more about the denominations, online availability, purchase fees, and limitations when buying from Walgreens, keep on reading! 

What Amazon Gift Card Denominations Does Walgreens Sell?

Walgreens sells 4 denominations for Amazon gift cards: 

  • $10 cards which are sold in packs of 3 
  • $25 cards 
  • $50 cards 
  • $100 cards 

For any other amount, you will have to buy gift cards directly from Amazon. 

Does Walgreens Sell Amazon Gift Cards Online? 

No, Walgreens does not sell Amazon gift cards online.

You will find them listed on the Walgreens website indicating their availability at the store nearest to you, but you will have to pick them up yourself. 

Does Walgreens Sell Amazon Gift Cards In Stores? 

Yes, you can visit your nearest Walgreens store to buy Amazon gift cards.

Ask the cashier before searching on your own since the cards are usually sold over the counter. If not, the cashier will direct you to the right section. 

Can You Return An Amazon Gift Card Back After Buying It From Walgreens?

No, you cannot return a gift card back to Walgreens once you have bought it.  

When buying a gift card, the cashier activates it when you make the payment.

Once a card is activated, it can only be redeemed by making a purchase from Amazon. It cannot be deactivated or returned. 

When picking up your Amazon Gift Card in-store, you may also want to check out their range of stamps, especially if you are sending a gift!

Additionally, if you are looking for more gift ideas, you can develop old disposable camera films at Walgreens, get a lottery ticket and buy a Dicks’s Sporting Goods gift card.


Walgreens does indeed sell Amazon gift cards. These cannot be ordered online, and come in denominations of $10 (sold in packs of 3), $25, $50, and $100. You don’t have to pay anything extra for buying these from Walgreens and cannot return these back once purchased. 

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