Does Walgreens Sell Postcards? [Pricing, Locations, Custom Postcards + More]

Postcards are frequently used to send greetings, wish for birthdays, advertise events, and much more.

Since Walgreens has a dedicated ‘photo lab’ at most of its 8000+ stores all over the country, you may be wondering: does Walgreens sell postcards? Here is what I’ve found out!

Does Walgreens Sell Postcards?

Yes, Walgreens does sell standard 5×7″ postcards with a wide range of designs and colors. Walgreens sells postcards online and in-store with a minimum quantity of 2 pieces costing between $1.99 and $2.99. Customers can also upload their own images to make custom postcards at Walgreens.

If you want to know more about the types of postcards Walgreens sells, how long it takes to get one ordered online, and whether Walgreens makes custom postcards, keep on reading!

What Types Of Postcards Does Walgreens Sell?

Walgreens sells pre-designed postcards of the following types:

  • Full Photo
  • Holiday
  • Travel
  • Just Moved
  • Save the Date
  • Thinking of You
  • Thank You

You can also buy business postcards to help you advertise your work and events with templates for the following categories:

  • Professional Services
  • Construction & Repair
  • Health & Wellness
  • Real Estate
  • Food & Entertainment
  • Design Your Own
  • Holiday
  • Moving
  • Salon Spa
  • Beauty & Spa
  • Retail & Food
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Education & Child Care
  • Finance & Insurance

All these templates are printed onto Premium 120lb cardstock. You can see the full list of templates for business postcards here and standard postcards here.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Postcard At Walgreens?

Business postcards at Walgreens cost $1.99 per piece and are sold in sets of 2. Standard (non-business) postcards cost $2.99 per piece, with volume discounts offered with higher quantities.

Refer to the following table for the discounted prices and shipping charges.

walgreens postcard price

Can You Order A Postcard Online At Walgreens?

Yes, you can visit the Walgreens website and order a postcard online. To do so, you have to visit the templates gallery and select a design that you like the most.

After that, you will be taken to an editing page where you will be able to add text and images in the specified fields. 

Finally, you just have to select your preferred delivery option and make the payment to complete the order.

Does Walgreens Make Custom Postcards?

Yes, Walgreens offers the option to make custom postcards with a wide range of custom designs, photos, and text.

You can upload your own design through the Walgreens website, and it will print your design onto Premium 120lb cardstock and deliver it to you.

When Will You Receive Your Online Order Of Postcards From Walgreens?

You have two options to select from when ordering a postcard online through Walgreens:

  • Go for same-day pick-up from a nearby Walgreens store
  • Go for one of Standard, Economy, Expedited, and Rush delivery

Note that since not all stores offer same-day pick-up, you should first contact your nearby Walgreens store and ask them about the availability of this service. You can get their contact number from the Walgreens store locator.

While you’re at Walgreens, you can also take your passport photo, scan photos, and even develop film from disposable cameras!


Walgreens does indeed sell 5×7 sized postcards with prices varying between $1.99 and $2.99 and with a minimum quantity of 2 cards. Postcards are printed onto premium 120lb cardstock. You can browse through a huge library of templates or upload your own design as well.

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