Does Walgreens Sell Walmart Gift Cards?  

Walgreens is one of America’s largest drugstore chains that are easily accessible for most people and sells a wide range of convenience items.

Since Walmart gift cards are a popular choice for presents on various occasions, you may be wondering: does Walgreens sell Walmart gift cards? Here is the answer to this question!

Does Walgreens Sell Walmart Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, Walgreens does not sell Walmart gift cards. You can only buy Walmart gift cards from Walmart and Sam’s Club in-store or online. In-store gift cards come in denominations of up to $5,000, shipped cards carry $10-$1,000, and E-gift cards carry $5-$200. 

Since Walgreens does not sell Walmart gift cards, where else can you find them? What denominations can you buy? To find the answers, keep on reading! 

Where Else Can You Buy Walmart Gift Cards? 

Since Walmart is a major competitor for most retail chains, you will not find Walmart gift cards in most retail outlets that sell third-party gift cards.

Therefore, the only options you have for buying Walmart gift cards are Walmart itself and Sam’s Club, a retail chain owned by Walmart. 

If you’re ordering a gift card online through Walmart, you can buy a physical gift card or an E-gift card. The physical card will be mailed to your address, whereas the E-gift card will be emailed to you with instructions on how it can be used to make purchases. 

What Denominations Of Walmart Gift Cards Can You Buy? 

When buying in-store, you can buy Walmart gift cards for any amount up to $5,000 using cash, check, PayPal, debit card, or credit card. 

When buying online, you can get physical gift cards of any value between $10 and $1,000. For E-gift cards, you can get anywhere between $5 and $200 in value. 

If you are looking for some alternative gift card options, Walgreens does sell Amazon, Target, and Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards in-store.

Additionally, you may want to read up on the Walgreens gift card return policy before purchasing one.

Conclusion: Does Walgreens Sell Walmart Gift Cards? 

Walgreens does not sell Walmart gift cards because Walmart is a major competitor of Walgreens. You can only buy Walmart gift cards directly from any Walmart or Sam’s Club store or order them online through their websites. 

In-store gift cards can have any value up to $5,000, whereas those ordered online can have any value between $10 and $1,000. E-gift cards are limited to carrying any value between $5 and $200. 

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