Does Walgreens Take CareCredit? (Products, Locations + More)

Walgreens operates over 9,000 drugstores within the United States alone, providing customers access to essential medical services as well as a pharmacy.

However, you may wonder what healthcare credit card types are accepted at Walgreens. More specifically, is CareCredit accepted at Walgreens? And if so, can you use it to buy things online? Here is what I discovered!

Does Walgreens Take CareCredit?

Every Walgreens (location accepts CareCredit. However, CareCredit can only be used for in-store purchases, not online or through the Walgreens app. All products Walgreens sells are eligible for purchase with CareCredit, besides gift cards, tobacco products, alcohol, and lottery tickets.

To learn more about what CareCredit is and what healthcare services the card covers, keep reading!

What Walgreens Locations Accept CareCredit?

All Walgreens locations accept CareCredit health credit cards.

Additionally, Duane Reade, which is owned and operated by Walgreens, also accepts CareCredit at every one of its locations.

Duane Reade and Walgreens follow the same policy regarding what products and services are eligible for purchase or coverage by the CareCredit card.

What Items Are Eligible For Purchase At Walgreens With CareCredit?

Most items are eligible for purchase with the CareCredit card at Walgreens.

However, the CareCredit card is only suitable for use in-store; you cannot use it for purchases made online or through the Walgreens app.

Some of the products that do not qualify for coverage under CareCredit include:

  • Gift cards
  • Tobacco products
  • Lottery tickets
  • Card reloads
  • Alcohol

Part of the reason CareCredit is so popular is due to the wide range of products that are eligible for purchase.

What Is CareCredit?

What Is CareCredit?

Whether you have heard of CareCredit or not, you may not be entirely sure what the card is or what it is used for.

CareCredit is a health care credit card that is eligible for use in various places, including Walgreens stores, doctor’s offices, dentists, veterinarians, Rite Aid, 1-800-Contacts, and select Walmart vision centers.

Usually, CareCredit provides no-interest short-term financing options for its users.

However, some CareCredit financing options are longer-term with a low APR, depending on the user.

What Services Does CareCredit Cover?

CareCredit covers a variety of healthcare services. However, your provider must be enrolled in CareCredit’s national network of providers and retailers for the coverage to work.

Additionally, CareCredit even covers some healthcare services for your pet if you have one! Some of the services that CareCredit covers include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Day spa services
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology
  • Health care specialties
  • Hearing testing and hearing aids
  • Primary care or urgent care
  • Veterinarians
  • Vision and LASIK services
  • Weight-loss surgery

So, whatever healthcare service you are searching for, CareCredit likely covers it!

How Many Walgreens Pharmacies Are There?

Currently, Walgreens operates over 9,000 drugstores across the United States. In addition to a pharmacy, Walgreens also has a healthcare clinic located inside the store.

At Walgreens clinics, customers can access primary and urgent care services, physicals, screenings (like vision and hearing), vaccines, and immunizations.

Walgreens makes it easy to schedule an appointment, providing an online portal for customers to do so.

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Walgreens accepts CareCredit in every one of its locations across the United States. However, CareCredit is only eligible for use for in-store purchases.

Unfortunately, you cannot use CareCredit for online purchases or purchases made in the Walgreens app. Additionally, you cannot buy alcohol, tobacco, gift cards, lottery tickets, or card reloads with the CareCredit card.

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