Does Walmart Cash Western Union Money Orders? (Try This Instead)

Walmart provides customers with access to domestic and international money order services, partnering with companies such as Ria and MoneyGram to provide excellent assistance to users.

However, some may be left wondering if Walmart cashes Western Union money orders, too? I’ve found out all the information for you, so keep reading to find out!

Does Walmart Cash Western Union Money Orders?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not cash Western Union money orders. Instead, Walmart offers its own money-ordering services, which Walmart customers can use as an alternative. Additionally, if you have a Western Union money order to cash, many local grocery stores, banks, and pharmacies will cash them.

Read on to find out how you can cash your money order today!

How To Cash a Money Order At Walmart?

In order to cash a money order from Walmart, you will need to visit a Walmart with a MoneyCenter (using the Walmart store locator) and bring a valid photo ID.

Your identification must match the information that the payee has provided (to prove you are the intended recipient), and you will be required to fill out a confirmation form to receive the funds.

Additionally, it also helps to provide an order number (if you have one) to speed up the process of receiving the money order.

Also, as you are the receiver of the money, the fee will already have been ducted from the initial amount, so you won’t have to bring any money to pay for fees or charges.

How Do I Send A Money Order From At Walmart?

To send a money order from Walmart, you must first locate a participating Walmart store with a MoneyCenter.

At the MoneyCenter or help desk in Walmart, you will be given a money order form. You will need to fill out each section of the form correctly, as it is extremely difficult to amend mistakes once issued. 

The required information includes the recipient’s name, your full name, and your address, as well as your account number if you are paying a bill. 

Fees will vary depending on the transfer amount, but it is worth noting that services at participating Walmart stores may offer 5% off of standard fees.

Keep a hold of the receipt you will be given, as this is vital proof of payment should any issues arise. 

When Can I Cash A Money Order At Walmart? 

Money order services are available at Walmart from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday to Saturday and from 10 AM to 6 PM on Sundays. 

You can generally cash a money order whenever the service desk or the Walmart Money Centre is open. Specific times may vary from store to store across the country. 

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In summary, Walmart is set to cash Western Union money orders starting in Spring 2021. The services will be accessible across America, with just under 5000 stores participating! 

With this service, you will be able to instantly cash out and send money orders both domestically and internationally at competitive rates. 

Visit Walmart to find out if you can cash out Western Union money orders at a store near you!

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