Does Walmart Close? [Must Know for All Walmart Shoppers]

Many of the Walmart stores in the United States were originally open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic, most of them started closing their doors to reduce the chances of spreading the virus. Also, some Walmart stores are not open 24 hours for various other reasons. This is what I found out.

Does Walmart Close In 2022?

Walmart does close at 11 PM (and opens at 7 AM), seven days a week at all store locations as of 2022. Walmart was previously open 24/7, but they halted these hours in early 2020. Additionally, Walmart pharmacies are open from 9 AM to 7 PM Monday-Saturday and 10 AM until 6 PM on Sunday

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Is Walmart Open On Holidays?

Walmart is well-known for being open on holidays as well. For many years, the Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving have been a tradition for some people.

Even so, those sales have been a controversial subject in the news. They have resulted in much criticism being expressed on behalf of the workers who have to miss having Thanksgiving with their family and friends.

In the past, Walmart only closed on one day, and that was Christmas. However, now they will be staying closed on Thanksgiving as well.

But the catch is that most Walmart employees still end up having to work. Just because the store is not open, does not mean that employees stop stocking shelves during this time. They have to set up for the big Black Friday sales.

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Will it Ever Be the Same?

But will this be permanent? Or is Walmart going to go back to their 24-hour a day, seven days a week schedule after the COVID-19 pandemic is a memory?

Nobody really knows for sure. It probably has a lot to do with how much money Walmart is losing by being closed for those seven hours per day.

For example, the company may save money by shutting its doors after 11 PM. They do not have to pay all the cashiers and sales force to work all those hours.

But there are still overnight stockers working in the store. And many stores have to hire security to protect their stores when they are closed.

If Walmart decides that being closed overnights is not profitable for them, you can be sure that they will eventually find a way to stay open all night again. After all, they are in the business to make money.

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