When Does Walmart Restock? (Times, Days, Products + More)

While Walmart stocks almost every product imaginable, it is sometimes hard to get your hands on particular in-demand items like clothes, electronics, toys, and groceries. 

So if you’re wondering when Walmart restocks their shelves, when they restock certain products, and how to receive alerts, you’re in the right place! Here is what I uncovered.

When Does Walmart Restock?

Walmart continuously restocks groceries, electronics, and other products throughout the day. Additionally, Walmart stocks most of its products during the second and third shifts when the store is less busy. Customers can check whether or not a product is in stock at their local Walmart with the store’s mobile app.

To find out the specific times when groceries, electronics, and other products are restocked at Walmart, keep on reading!

What Time Does Walmart Restock Groceries? 

Walmart is an excellent store to save money on popular grocery items like fresh produce and cereal.

Because of how busy most Walmart locations are, the store restocks groceries every day. 

If your local Walmart store is considerably busy, employees will stock grocery items multiple times throughout the day.

However, most stores restock groceries overnight when there is less foot traffic. 

Specifically, Walmart restocks groceries every night between 10 PM and 7 AM. 

Why Does Walmart Restock Groceries Every Day? 

There are 2 reasons Walmart stocks their grocery supply so frequently; food safety and freshness.

Walmart continuously ensures that only the freshest foods are on display for their customers. 

The best way to ensure that fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat available at Walmart stay safe to eat is to restock and replenish the supply on a regular basis. 

Additionally, Walmart restocks its groceries to meet local and federal food regulations. 

As soon as groceries are delivered to Walmart, they are immediately placed in a temperature-controlled room to prevent bacteria growth. 

For added care, Walmart bags raw foods and prepackaged products separately to prevent cross-contamination. 

When Does Walmart Restock Electronics? 

When Does Walmart Restock Electronics? 

Walmart does not have a set schedule for restocking electronics like TVs, cell phones, speaker systems, and printers. 

Instead, Walmart employees restock electronics during non-peak customer hours, so the aisles avoid getting too crowded. 

The most popular time frame for Walmart employees to restock electronics is between 12 PM and 7 AM.

What Time Does Walmart Restock Other Products? 

All other products, like toys, clothes, etc., are restocked throughout the day by Walmart employees from 7 AM to 1 PM. 

Because so many customers visit Walmart each day, more product restocking happens during the second and third shifts. 

Walmart restocks products during the second and third shifts because the store is typically less busy or closed during these times. 

Why Doesn’t Walmart Follow A Strict Restocking Schedule? 

Unlike some retail stores, Walmart does not follow a strict restocking schedule, and you may be wondering as to why that is. 

The main reason Walmart has its employees continually restocking products throughout the day is to ensure customers do not face any inconveniences while shopping. 

When the whole store stays completely stocked for the entire day, customers do not have to worry about whether they will find specific items. 

Instead, you can rely on the fact that everything on your shopping list will be available at Walmart. Also, each restocking schedule is different at each Walmart location. 

Restocking depends on the availability of supply trucks and the distance between the store and the distribution center. 

How Long Does It Take Walmart To Restock In-Store Products? 

Although each product is different when it comes to restocking time, the average time it takes Walmart to restock a product in-store is 2 days. 

However, many factors affect when an item is restocked. For example, the time of year, demand, and product type all impact how fast Walmart can restock a product in-store. 

If you do not want to wait 2 days for an in-store item to be restocked, consider using Walmart’s website to order it online. 

Or Walmart also provides information on their website about when an item is or is not in stock. 

When Does Walmart Restock Online Items?

When Does Walmart Restock Online Items?

Like the in-store restocking pattern Walmart follows, there is no set schedule to restock online products. 

Instead, Walmart constantly restocks their online items, with the high-demand items receiving top priority. 

If an online product is out of stock, the Walmart website will notify you before making your purchase.

Unfortunately, the website does not give an estimate as to when the item will be restocked. 

So, if an item is in stock online at Walmart, it is best to purchase the item right away to ensure it does not go out of stock later. 

Can You Check Walmart’s In-Store Inventory? 

Fortunately, there is a way to check on Walmart’s in-store inventory before you make a trip to the store.

To check your local Walmart inventory, you will need to download the Walmart mobile app. 

After downloading the app, use the ‘Search My Store’ feature and enter the item you are searching for. 

No matter what you are looking for, like grocery items, electronics, or other products, the app will let you know what products are in stock. 

Additionally, the mobile app informs you of the items’ aisle location at your local store. 

With the Walmart mobile app, you no longer have to worry about wasting a trip to the store because the product you want is out of stock. 

Can You Receive Alerts From Walmart When Products Are Restocked?

If an item on Walmart’s website is out of stock that you want to purchase, there is a way to receive alerts as soon as the warehouse is restocked. 

Walmart Stock Alerts lets you sign up for notifications via email when the products you want are back in stock. Unfortunately, not all items on Walmart’s website qualify for stock alerts. 

However, if an item is eligible, there will be a button to click and enter your email address. 

For high-demand items, like household products and new smartphones, Walmart usually does not provide stock alerts. Stock alerts are only available for online items. 

In-store products are currently not eligible for these email alerts. 

Do All Walmart Stores Carry The Same Inventory?

Walmart has over 4,000 stores throughout the United States, and the inventory and price of products vary between stores. Most stores located near each other have similar or exact pricing. 

However, the inventory between stores differs because of demand, the popularity of products, and the season.

Ultimately, Walmart prices all of its products to make the most profit.  

How Do I Request A Product At Walmart?

To request a product that you would like to see on the shelves in your local Walmart, you can go to the “Store & Corporate Feedback” page on the Walmart website.

On here, you can leave comments or ask a question.  

All you have to do is select the “Product Question / Product Feedback” option, and from there, you can supply all the necessary information on the product you think the store should stock and your insights on why.  

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