Does Walmart Deliver Alcohol? (Beer, Wine, Spirits, Delivery Price + More)

Walmart has been expanding its grocery delivery services, which is another major attraction for shoppers besides the low prices.

However, if you’ve been wondering whether Walmart delivers alcohol, carry on reading to see what I discovered on this topic!

Does Walmart Deliver Alcohol In [currentyear]?

Walmart offers home delivery for alcohol in [currentyear]. Alcohol deliveries must be scheduled for days and times as permitted by local laws, but someone has to be home to receive the delivery. You have to show a valid ID to the delivery person. The minimum order for alcohol deliveries is $30, and there is also an extra $9.95 charge.

To find out more about getting alcohol delivered from Walmart, and how to order, read on for more useful information!

Can I Get Alcohol Delivered at Home From Walmart?

As of 2019, Walmart has added alcohol to the products you can order from its grocery home delivery service.

However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when ordering alcohol for delivery from Walmart.

When choosing a time for delivery, you have to pick a one-hour time slot when you will be home to receive it.

You will have to pick a time and day of the week when alcohol delivery is allowed by your local and state laws.

Further, you will have to show the delivery person your valid, government-issued ID to confirm that you are not underage.

You must be at least 21 years of age to order and receive a delivery of alcohol from Walmart.

How Do I Order Alcohol for Delivery at Walmart?

You can order alcohol for delivery from Walmart in just a few simple steps.

First, if you don’t already have an online account at, you’ll have to create one.

Next, you can sign in to your account and add the items you want delivered to your cart.

You can browse the different departments, or use the search box to find the things you want to order.

You’ll find alcohol listed under Beers, Wines, and/or Spirits in the Beverage department. You can also place your order in the Walmart app, under the Delivery tab.

Once your cart is ready for checkout, you have to pick a time slot for delivery.

Keep in mind that when you pick a one-hour time slot, it will have to be a day and a time when alcohol sales and delivery are allowed by your local and state laws.

Therefore, you cannot schedule an alcohol delivery outside the days and hours allowed at your location.

Also, remember that you will have to be home during the designated time slot to receive the alcohol delivery.

Do I Need to Show ID for Alcohol Delivery From Walmart?

Do I Need to Show ID for Alcohol Delivery From Walmart?

Just as you do when buying alcohol in person, you will need to show the delivery person a valid government-issued ID, proving that you are at least 21 years old.

If you are unable to show ID to prove your age, the delivery will be cancelled.

How Much Does Walmart Charge to Deliver Alcohol?

To get home delivery for alcohol, your order must be at least $30. It can include beer, wine, and spirits, in addition to your regular grocery items.

There is also a flat rate of $9.95 for alcohol delivery from Walmart.

One option you have if you want to avoid paying the delivery fee is to order online and pick up your order curbside at your local store.

There is no extra charge for curbside alcohol pickup.

Who Delivers Alcohol for Walmart? 

Walmart uses local service providers and delivery services in your area for all grocery and alcohol deliveries.

Why Would Walmart Cancel an Alcohol Delivery?

There are some situations in which Walmart may decide to cancel your alcohol delivery order, such as the following:

  • If there is no one at home to receive the order
  • If they are unable to show ID proving they are older than 21 years
  • If they appear to be intoxicated
  • If they appear to be supplying alcohol to underage persons who are less than 21 years old

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Next time you do your grocery shopping online at Walmart, you can add beer, wine, and spirits to the list and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Walmart uses local delivery services to bring your purchases to your house at a time that you schedule. An alcohol delivery from Walmart must be received in person, and you must show a valid ID to prove that you are over 21 years.

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