Does Walmart Fill Co2 Tanks? [All You Need To Know] 

Walmart is well-known for offering a wide range of cheap products and services for almost everything you can imagine.

So, if you need to fill a Co2 tank, you might wonder whether Walmart can do that, too. I’ve had a look around, and this is what I discovered. 

Does Walmart Fill Co2 Tanks? 

Unfortunately, Walmart does not fill Co2 tanks. Customers can purchase Co2 fill stations at Walmart for at-home use or buy their small, pre-filled, 12- to 90-gram Co2 cartridges. Customers can also visit other businesses, such as sporting goods stores or welding supply stores to refill Co2 tanks.

So, how exactly can you get Co2 tanks filled or exchanged with Walmart? Read on to find out everything you need to know. 

Can I Buy Co2 Refill Stations From Walmart? 

Even though you cannot get Co2 tanks filled in Walmart’s stores, you can buy products online at that will allow you to do it yourself!

Designed for paintball guns and air guns, the Co2 refill stations available from Walmart are easy to use and store. 

Simply search for ‘Co2 tank refill’ using the search bar on the Walmart website to see what products they have available.

Just bear in mind that all Co2 refill stations available through Walmart are from third-party sellers. Walmart does not stock or sell its own Co2 refill stations, which is why you cannot purchase the stations in any of Walmart’s physical stores. 

How Much Do Co2 Refills Cost At Walmart? 

How Much Do Co2 Refills Cost At Walmart? 

The Co2 refill stations available from Walmart vary in price. However, these prices may change because the products are not stocked or sold by Walmart themselves. To learn more, you can see my guide on how often Walmart stocks certain products.

Third-party sellers have full control over the pricing of the products they sell on the Walmart website. 

Typically, you can expect to pay around $80 for most paintball and air gun tank refill stations available from Walmart.

There are some more expensive and some cheaper options, though. The most you will pay on the Walmart website is $106.77, and the least is $29.62. 

What Stores Fill Co2 Tanks? 

Even though Walmart does not refill Co2 tanks, there are plenty of other places that do!

If you need to get your Co2 tank filled in time for a paintball game, then you can go to any paintball store or paintball field. Most will offer tank refills and charge a fee for you to use this service. 

A lot of local and independent stores will offer the service, too, and you can also try out sporting goods stores, welding supply stores, fire equipment stores, and hydroponics stores.

Many will have the equipment to refill both small and large Co2 tanks, including:

  • Ansgear. 
  • Airgas. 
  • DICK’S Sporting Goods. 

But, no matter where you go, you may want to contact the store ahead of time, to make sure they can fill the exact size and type of tank you need. 

Does Walmart Exchange Co2 Tanks?

Just as Walmart does not fill Co2 tanks, it also does not exchange them. However, you can exchange smaller Co2 cylinders at Walmart!

If you have purchased a SodaStream Co2 Exchange Cylinder, you can exchange it at Walmart for a full cylinder once yours is empty. You won’t have to pay a fee for the new cylinder, either! You will only be charged for the Co2 inside. 

To learn more about tank exchange at Walmart, you can see our other posts on the Walmart propane tank exchange service, if Lowe’s fills co2 tanks, and whether or not Walmarts fills helium balloons.


Walmart does not have the equipment to refill any sized Co2 tanks in-store.

But, you can purchase your own Co2 refill station on the Walmart website, which will allow you to easily refill tanks for paintball and air guns yourself whenever you need to.

These usually cost around $80 dollars, but there are some available on for less money. 

While Walmart does not have the ability to offer refills, they do allow you to exchange SodaStream Co2 cylinders.

Simply bring your empty refill cylinder into your local Walmart store to exchange it for a full one. You will only be charged for the Co2 inside, rather than for the cylinder itself. 

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