Does Walmart Have A Retirement Plan? [All You Need To Know] 

Walmart prides itself on offering a wide variety of services and products to customers and a wide range of benefits and extra programs to its thousands of employees.

However, you may be wondering whether Walmart offers a retirement plan, and what benefits it can entail. Here is everything I have managed to find out!

Does Walmart Have A Retirement Plan?

Yes, Walmart does have a sizable and flexible retirement plan. Walmart’s retirement plan is covered by its own self-run system known as 401(K), an account that helps employees keep track of the money going towards their retirement and earning interest from Walmart themselves.

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What Is Walmart’s 401(K) Retirement Plan?

Walmart’s 401(K) plan is a retirement investment program that is run by Walmart for the benefit of its employees.

In order to access the 401(K) plan, employees must use their OneWalmart account to enroll in the program, by providing their employee details and deciding on a value from their paycheck that will be filtered into the program.

When applying for the program, employees can even transfer money earned from previous retirement plans.

How Is The Walmart 401(K) Retirement Plan Funded? 

Employees who enroll in the 401(K) plan can choose to have a portion of their monthly wages sent directly into this plan.

For every dollar that an employee puts into the plan, Walmart pledges to add another dollar, up to 6 percent of the employee’s eligible pay.

The longer that money stays in the plan, the more that can be earned towards retirement.

Employees can change how much they put into their 401(K) fund at any time, and even withdraw funds whenever they wish.

Does Walmart’s Retirement Plan Offer Medicare? 

Does Walmart’s Retirement Plan Offer Medicare? 

Walmart’s retirement help page, which can be found on the Walmart website, stipulates that as part of their retirement plan, employees are eligible to receive Medicare coverage.

Medicare helps to cover potential health concerns that could arise during retirement.

Offered in parts, Medicare provides coverage for inpatient and outpatient fees, prescriptions, and a number of other extra benefits.

Can I Keep My Employee Discount Card Even If I Retire? 

Yes. Walmart offers its retirees the opportunity to continue receiving associate discounts even after employment has ended.

In order to qualify to keep a discount card, an employee must have been employed at Walmart for around 20 years, or 15 years, if they are 55 years or older.

Employees must not have had a break in employment during this time frame.

How Long Does It Take To Be Fully Vested For Retirement from Walmart?

This entirely depends on how much of your payroll you choose to insert into your 401(K) account each month.

If you choose to put more money into your account, then you could potentially retire earlier, but this would leave you with very little money to live off of until then.

The general time frame to be fully vested for retirement would be around 20 years of employment.

Does Walmart Offer Any Extra Insurance Plans For Retirees?

Yes. Walmart offers a number of insurance policies to their employees that can cover retirees.

Walmart’s retirement help page stipulates a number of extra insurance coverage plans that employees can take advantage of. 

These insurance plans are able to cover an employee even well after they have retired from Walmart company.

These insurance policies include Life insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment policies covered by prudential, and accident and critical illness coverage from All-state.

What Is Considered A Good Amount Of Retirement Money? 

How much you decide to place into your retirement fund every month is entirely dependent on how much you want to place into it.

However, a number of experts believe that a good retirement fund should stand at around 10 times your average working wage.

For example, if you are earning around $35,000 a year, then you should aim to have around $350,000 in your retirement fund when you retire.

It is suggested to aim to save around 12 percent of your monthly wage.

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Conclusion: Does Walmart Have A Retirement Plan? 

Yes. Walmart does have a sizable retirement plan, which employees can easily sign up for as soon as they start their employment at the company. Information on this retirement plan can be easily found on the Walmart website.

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