Walmart Lunch Break Policy [All Your FAQs Answered!] 

Walmart’s policies exist to protect the welfare of their 1.5 million employees according to U.S Federal and State Laws.

The company strives to maintain quality working conditions by enforcing mandatory breaks, but what is Walmart’s Lunch Policy? Read more, and I have all the answers!

Walmart Lunch Break Policy

Walmart employees are entitled to a paid 15-minute break for 2-6 hour shifts. For 6-8 hour shifts, Walmart enforces a mandatory 30 unpaid meal break, plus a paid 15-minute break in the first 4 hours of the shift and a paid 15-minute break in the second half of the shift. Shifts over 10 hours allow for a second unpaid 30-minute meal break.

To learn more about shift lengths, entitlements, and breaks for longer shifts, keep on reading!

What is the Break Policy at Walmart? 

Breaks are divided between rest breaks and meal breaks, otherwise known as lunch breaks. Rest breaks are classified as working time and are therefore paid.

Meal breaks are not classed as working time and are, therefore, unpaid. Rest breaks typically last 15 minutes, whereas meal breaks take between 30 minutes and an hour.

Walmart also guarantees and enforces very strict rules for employees taking meal breaks to adhere to state laws.

In some states, employees will actually be blocked from cash registers after 6.5 hours if a lunch break has not been taken.

Do You Get a Lunch Break During an 8-Hour Shift at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart employees are obliged to take two 15 minutes paid rest breaks and a 30-minute unpaid meal break.

Additionally, staff is also required to clock out for the duration of their meal break.

Does Walmart Pay Employees for Lunch Breaks?

No, lunch breaks are unpaid at Walmart. Federal Policy states that meal breaks must relieve the employee of all duties.

However, Walmart employees will be paid for 15-minute rest breaks following Federal Regulations.

Do I Get a Lunch Break for 6 Hours at Walmart? 

Yes, Walmart employees can receive an optional 30-minute unpaid meal break during a 6-hour shift. Addiontly, Walmart employees can take a paid 15-minute rest break during a 6-hour shift.

However, this can change state by state. For example, the following states permit meal breaks when working five or more consecutive hours:

California, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, and Washington.

What is the Lunch Policy at Walmart for Employees 18 or Under?

States such as Alaska, Louisiana, Michigan, Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania require employees under 18 to receive a 30-minute meal break for every 5 hours of consecutive work.

According to Federal Regulations, breaks exceeding 20 minutes are unpaid with the provision that the worker is relieved of all duties.

Can I Skip Lunch Breaks at Walmart? 

No, you cannot skip lunch breaks at Walmart. Policies strictly require employees to take the appropriate amount of rest breaks and meal-breaks.

Additionally, employees that fail to clock out for unpaid meal breaks will need to fill out a Meal Violation form.

How Many Hours Do I Need to Work to Get a Lunch Break at Walmart?

According to Walmart’s policy, employees are entitled to a 30-minute unpaid meal break if their shift is 6 hours or longer.

Additionally, if an employee is working overtime and the shift extends over 10 hours in length, the employee can take a second unpaid meal break.

What is the Lunch Policy for Overnight Workers at Walmart? 

Overnight Associates operate between 10 pm-7 am and are entitled to two 15-minute paid rest breaks and an hour-long meal break.

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Conclusion: What is the Lunch Policy at Walmart? 

The Lunch Policy at Walmart means employees must take mandatory rest breaks and meal breaks. Workers above 18 get 15 minutes of paid rest breaks are taken every 2-4 hours, and meal breaks during 6-10 hour shifts. Under 18s are entitled to 30 meal breaks in some states when working five consecutive hours.

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  1. I just started at Walmart in Oregon 3 days ago. Today I got a 15 min. break 20 minutes before my shift ended! All breaks were sporadic. I started my day at 6 am first break at 9:30 lunch 10:30. Last break 2:20 off at 3:00. I would say this is bad business! I was not happy as a new employee!. I expected better.

  2. Hi Doris, thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience. Sorry, it wasn’t what you were expecting and I hope it gets better for you, especially the random break times!

  3. I’ve been with Walmart in Tennessee for just over 10 years. Our state is one That locks you out of register access 6.5 hrs after your shift starts if you haven’t taken a lunch break. In past years I have observed (and almost received) disciplinary action for going over the six hour mark. Our store STILL does log you out and lock you out on the registers after that 6.5 hr mark though. Even though that still happens being a truck unloader and not having to log in on equipment we’re still expected to unload all GM trucks before lunch (even if it’s 7/7.5 hours into our shift).

  4. I hate that Walmart makes you go a five and an half hours with one break I think it’s annoying

  5. I’ve worked for Walmart a little over 6 months in Arkansas. In our produce, we can take our breaks at any time including lunch as long as there is someone on the floor.

  6. I was coached again for the second time for taking 30 min lunches , I’ve been doing this for years now all of a sudden they’re out to get me!!!!!! Do I have a defense???? Can someone help me???? I’m one of their best workers and feeling harassed!!!!

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