Does Walmart Hire People With Misdemeanors? (Full Guide)

​​If you have a misdemeanor on your record, you might be trying to find out what companies will hire someone with a conviction. Because Walmart is widely known for hiring millions of people every year, you might be considering it as your next employer.

But does Walmart hire people if they have a misdemeanor on their record? And if so, what types of jobs can you work at Walmart with a misdemeanor? I’ve looked into it, and here’s everything I discovered about the matter!

Does Walmart Hire People With Misdemeanors In [currentyear]?

Walmart does hire people with misdemeanors in certain situations depending on the type of misdemeanor as of [currentyear]. Additionally, Walmart conducts background checks on every employee that goes back seven years, although charges from beyond that may still appear. Class A misdemeanors are the most serious offenses, and Walmart won’t hire you if you have one on your record.

Do you want to know more details about what types of misdemeanors Walmart will and will not hire someone for having on their record? If so, make sure you keep reading!

How Many Years Does A Walmart Background Check Go Back?

Walmart background checks go back seven years and look at felony and misdemeanor arrests and subsequent convictions.

However, it’s important to note that if you’ve had your record expunged, then it’s not going to show up on the background check.

What Background Check Company Does Walmart Use?

Currently, Walmart is using to perform background checks. But, the company has used other services in the past and may switch again in the future.

On top of that, Walmart uses other databases and resources to gather information on employees, including:

  • US AliasVERIFY
  • County criminal records search
  • National sex offender search
  • Address and name history reports
  • National security records search

How Long Does A Walmart Background Check Take?

A Walmart background check can take up to ten business days to complete. However, there are a couple of factors that contribute to the wait time, including:

  • The company that Walmart uses for the background check and how busy they are.
  • Factors outside of the control of the background check company, such as being short-staffed, office closures, and other situations.
  • For upper-level jobs, the background check could take longer if it requires a more in-depth background check.

Does Walmart Hire People With A Theft Misdemeanor?

According to employees, Walmart won’t hire someone with a misdemeanor theft on their record if it’s been less than seven years since the conviction.

Furthermore, since Walmart is a retail store, it’ll avoid hiring anyone with theft or shoplifting charges, arrests, and convictions on their record, even if it’s a misdemeanor.

Does Walmart Hire People With A Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charge?

Does Walmart Hire People With A Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charge?

No, Walmart won’t hire someone if they’ve been convicted of domestic violence, as the company will not hire anyone that has a violent conviction on their record for safety reasons.

Does Walmart Hire People With A Misdemeanor Assault Charge?

According to people with assault charges trying to get a job, Walmart will not hire anyone that has a misdemeanor assault arrest or conviction on their record.

Does Walmart Hire People With Drug Misdemeanors?

If it was more than seven years ago, Walmart might hire someone with a drug misdemeanor on their record. However, it’s unlikely Walmart will hire someone recently involved with drugs.

Overall, it’s always good to be honest with Walmart during that interview process.

So, if you did get involved with drugs years ago, explain that you made a mistake and have been clean and sober ever since.

Still, Walmart doesn’t have to hire someone with a drug misdemeanor. Additionally, Walmart has a zero-tolerance drug policy, which has impacted legal marijuana users it employs.

If you do have a misdemeanor drug charge, it’s up to the management at that particular store whether or not to move forward with the hiring process.

Do All Misdemeanors Show Up On Walmart Background Checks?

Not all misdemeanors will show up on a Walmart background check since Walmart only has access to what’s in the public court records.

Therefore, if you never went to court and handled it outside of the court system, such as petty offenses involving citations, it won’t show up on the background check.

Overall, whether you decide to self-report those incidents on the application is up to you.

But, if Walmart finds out and you didn’t admit to it, then you could lose the job offer or be terminated later.

What Misdemeanors Will Walmart Most Likely Ignore?

Because Class A misdemeanors are the most serious offenses, they’re almost guaranteed to disqualify you from a job at Walmart.

However, if you’ve been charged or convicted of a Class C or Class D misdemeanor, you’re more likely to get a job at Walmart.

Moreover, Class C misdemeanors (and Class D, although most states don’t use D anymore) are the least serious offenses within the misdemeanor category and include:

  • Minor drug offenses ranging from low quantities of a controlled substance or possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Traffic violations such as failure to stop, failure to use caution, speeding, illegal lane changes, and other minor violations
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Public drunkenness
  • Petty larceny charges, theft of goods that have very low monetary value

However, Class C and D misdemeanors can vary by state, and it still doesn’t mean Walmart has to hire you if you’ve been convicted of these lower-level offenses.

To learn more, you can also see our posts on Walmart’s jury duty policy, if Walmart does background checks, and if Walmart drug test.


Walmart does hire someone that has certain types of misdemeanors on their records. However, Walmart won’t hire someone with violent or theft offenses on their record for safety reasons.

Furthermore, Walmart conducts background checks on all employees that will go back seven years.

Moreover, it can take up to ten business days for the background check to complete, and only misdemeanors that have gone through the court system will show up on the report.

So, if you’ve been convicted of misdemeanor traffic offenses, minor drug offenses, or similar misdemeanors in the past, you’re still likely to be hired at Walmart.

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