Walmart Jury Duty Policy (Your Complete Guide On What To Do)

It is mandatory for an individual to attend service when they are summoned for jury duty in the U.S. So if you have received your calling, you may feel unsure where you stand with your job at Walmart.

We’ve taken a look into the jury duty policy at Walmart, and here is what we found! Let’s dive in!

Walmart Jury Duty Policy

Walmart pays associates Paid Time Off during jury duty. The amount is calculated depending on how many hours you work and your duration at the company. By law, Walmart cannot fire you for attending jury duty, and it is recommended to inform your store manager of the time and date of your calling as soon as you receive the letter.

For more information on how jury service works as a Walmart associate, read on!

Does Walmart Pay Employees On Jury Duty?

By law, Walmart is not required to pay employees (in certain states, see more below) who take leave to attend a jury. Despite this, hourly associates are covered by the Paid Time off (PTO) policy.

The amount you earn will be based on two factors, the first being service hours. Each hour you work, including overtime and shift covering, contributes to your PTO balance.

Note that cash-out hours and termination payouts are not included in these hours.

Secondly, the years of service you have spent at Walmart. Those who have spent longer will generate higher PTO allowances, and you’ll be paid the PTO you have earned during your jury service on your normal day of pay.

In addition, you receive a daily wage of $10-$50 depending on your state or case by the court for attendance.

The following states require all employees to pay employees that must report for jury duty:

  • Alabama
  • Colorado
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Nebraska
  • New York
  • Tennessee

How Does Jury Duty Work?

You will be called for jury duty by letter requesting your service at a specific time, date, and place relatively close to your address.

Once the letter has been received, jurors may request to delay their service to a more convenient time of year via telephone or email.

If you are experiencing financial hardship at that time, you can plead your case to the institution which may excuse you from duty.

Also, Walmart must legally honor your time off work to complete jury service, and Walmart cannot fire you for attending a jury.

How To Register Jury Duty At Walmart?

Walmart associates should inform their store manager or alternative superior that they have been called to provide jury duty.

You may need to give the letter as proof and claim paid time off and also relay the time and date stated on your notice.

Can Walmart Refuse Jury Duty?

No, Walmart cannot refuse your leave to attend jury duty as you were summoned by federal law. If your absence is detrimental to the store, they can request your exemption.

However, this is not guaranteed. Alternatively, Walmart can ask you to postpone your service to a different time of year.

Does Sam’s Club Pay You For Jury Duty?

As a Walmart-owned company, Sam’s Club pays jury duty to hourly employees and supervisors. Like Walmart associates, Sam’s Club employees are provided with paid time off. Balance is built up the more you work.

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Walmart associates are Paid Time Off when summoned for jury duty. The sum you’re paid depends on the number of hours you have worked and how long you’ve been part of the company. As soon as you receive your jury letter stating the time and date of service, inform your store manager. By law, you cannot be fired for attending jury duty.

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