Does Walmart Hire Senior Citizens? (Positions, Pay + More)

​​Are you a senior citizen looking for a job to help pay the bills? Or maybe you’re just looking to pass the time? If you’re searching for a new job, you might be considering Walmart as your next place of employment.

But does Walmart hire senior citizens? And if it does, what jobs does Walmart have available for people who are a little older? I’ve looked into it, and here’s what I found out about Walmart’s hiring process!

Does Walmart Hire Senior Citizens In 2024?

Walmart does hire senior citizens, including those over the age of 65; however, there are limited job opportunities for senior citizens at Walmart stores as of 2024. Most often, Walmart hires senior citizens for the greeter position because it’s an easier job that doesn’t demand too much physical activity.

Do you want to know what types of jobs senior citizens can get at Walmart and details such as the standard pay? Continue reading to learn even more about the positions available!

Does Walmart Hire Retired People?

Yes, Walmart will hire retired senior citizens to work in its stores across the country. However, the available jobs for those that are retired are significantly smaller.

Furthermore, Walmart doesn’t discriminate against job applicants even if they’re of retirement age.

What Jobs Are Available For Senior Citizens At Walmart?

Walmart will hire senior citizens for a few different job positions, which are less stressful and physically demanding. So, I’ll talk about the best senior citizen Walmart jobs below!


When you walk into Walmart, you often see a greeter at the door, typically sitting on a stool or bench. Most of the time, the greeter is an older man or woman.

Furthermore, greeters are thought to be the best job for senior citizens at Walmart.

Unfortunately, some stores have eliminated the greeter position, but it’s still available in many locations.

When it comes to greeters at Walmart, they’re responsible for welcoming customers into the store, cleaning the store’s front entrance, and checking receipts as people leave the store.

Additionally, greeters average $11.50 an hour at Walmart, but they can make $11 to $15 an hour, depending on the store location.


Cashier Walmart

If you’re a senior citizen that doesn’t have physical limitations and can stand for long periods, a cashier is a great job to apply for at Walmart.

However, to be a successful cashier, you need to know about technology and learn the register, including how to swipe credit and debit cards.

Also, cashiers rotate around to help maintain different departments in the store and may assist customers in finding merchandise they need.

Moreover, cashiers make $11.39 an hour at Walmart, although the pay can range from $11 to $13 an hour depending on your experience and the store’s location.

Cart Attendant

A Walmart cart attendant is a job that senior citizens can do if they’re more physically capable. As a cart attendant, all you do is go around Walmart and bring the carts back into the entrance.

On top of that, cart attendants work inside and outside the store collecting carts. Fortunately, cart attendants can move at their own pace as long as they get the job done.

On average, a cart attendant makes $11.14 an hour at Walmart. Additionally, it’s important to note it’s a job that men usually do, but physically fit women can apply.


Walmart will hire senior citizens to be janitors in its stores, which typically involves vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, cleaning restrooms, and other housekeeping tasks.

Further, the average pay for Walmart janitor jobs is $11.31 an hour but can range from $10 to $14 an hour depending on the store location and other factors.

Additionally, janitor jobs require more physical work than a cashier, so senior citizens who want to stay active choose this job because they want to stay fit.

Is Walmart A Good Place For Seniors To Work?

Walmart is a perfect place for seniors to work because quite a few jobs don’t require much physical strength and offer flexible scheduling.

However, many Walmart stores will vary seniors’ schedules since they have more free time than school-aged or middle-aged workers with children.

So, as long as you can work a varied shift, you’ll have no problems getting hired at Walmart if you’re a senior citizen.

Furthermore, varied shifts could include working a few days in the mornings, followed by an afternoon or overnight shift if your store is open 24-hours. 

Also, Walmart will consider your limitations and suggest the best job for you at the store since it has select jobs that it wants seniors to work.

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Walmart does hire senior citizens, whether you’re age 55 or retired from your regular job, and Walmart is one of the better places where senior citizens can work.

Moreover, Walmart offers senior citizens a specific group of jobs such as greeter, cashier, cart attendant, or janitorial since they’re less physically demanding.

Essentially, the type of job and the hours you can get at Walmart will depend on location, the store’s size, and your physical capabilities.

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