Does Walmart Price Match Staples? [All You Need To Know]

Since 1962, Walmart has stayed true to its mission of providing high-quality everyday essentials at reasonable prices, which has helped attract loyal customers.

To remain one step ahead of its competitors, Walmart guarantees to offer the lowest possible price. However, you may be wondering if Walmart will honor this and price-match other retailers like Staples? Here is what I discovered!

Does Walmart Price Match Staples?

Yes, Walmart does price-match Staples as long as the product is identical in brand, size, color, model, and quantity. Additionally, customers can only price match products from the website against the website, and price matches can only be done by Walmart Customer Care.

If you’d like to know all there is on Walmart’s price match guarantee, read on!

How Do I Price Match Staples At Walmart?

Since Walmart only price matches on their website, you will first have to head over to, where you can request a price match with by calling Customer Care. 

Secondly, ensure the same product is available from, including the identical brand, model, color, and size.

Additionally, it is also recommended you gather specific product names, codes, and prices to smoothly submit your request.

Once you have gathered this information and called Walmarts Customer Care, a Walmart associate will decide whether to verify the price match before lowering the price.

Side note: Unfortunately, Walmart discontinued its in-store price matching service in 2019, making many customers furious as not everyone shops online!

Does Walmart Price Match Staples Ads?

No, Walmart’s policy restricts the price match of Staples ads that are not affiliated with settled prices. Buy One Get One Free advertisements on selected Staples goods cannot be applied to Walmart’s products.

Walmart will not price match multi-buy promotions such as:

  • Receive a freebie when you spend a certain amount.
  • Purchase selected full-price items to reduce the price of another. advertisements that promote specific items at a fixed price may be eligible for price-match provided stocks the exact same product. Walmart will not accept expired or third-party advertisements.

Also, note Walmart will not verify requests based on errors or miscommunications attached to advertisements.

Does Walmart Price Match Staples Sales?

No, Walmart does not price-match Staples sales. For this reason, products involved with percentage or dollar reductions will not be verified. This includes clearance, flash, limited quantity, and closing down sales.

Walmart will not process price match requests during seasonal sale periods such as the yearly Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Cyber Week events.

Can Walmart Deny My Staples Price Match Request?

Can Walmart Deny My Staples Price Match Request?

Yes, Walmart associates reserve the right to modify or deny price match requests at any time. It is important to note that price match appeals are limited to one item per customer per day.

Requests will instantly close if there are discrepancies between products, as will prices attached to discontinued, expired, or absent stock from

Additionally, prices provided by third-party merchants on Walmart Marketplace cannot be price matched with

Will Walmart Price Match An Item I Have Already Purchased?

No, Walmart will not price match an item once it has been purchased, as associates cannot lower the price once the item has been purchased.

Alternatively, you can send the original product back and repurchase it with the new price should your request be verified. 

Does Walmart Price Match Staples Shipping Fees?

Yes, Walmart’s policy states that it will match shopping, handling, processing, and hidden fees. However, the overall delivery fee’s cost cannot be determined should unmatched items be included in the transaction.

Does Staples Price Match Walmart?

Yes, Staples does price match products found in-store at Walmart and also on the website. However, Staples will not price match third-party sellers on the marketplace.

Similarly, Staples can only match identical items that are stocked by both retailers. Furthermore, Staples does not price match Walmart during seasonal sale events, Gift Cards, coupons, or promotions without a fixed price.

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Conclusion: Does Walmart Price Match Staples?

Yes, will price match with Simply contact Customer Care before purchasing to place your request.

Products must be identical in brand, model, size, color, and quantity. Items included in sale events, promotions without specific prices, coupons, and discount codes will not be matched. Walmart Marketplace does not price match Staples. 

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