Does Walmart Rent Floor Scrubbers? (Full Guide)

When you’re assigned the task of deep cleaning, you may look for tools and machines that’ll leave your flooring looking good as new. Floor scrubbers are ideal when cleaning large surface areas every once in a while.

Walmart may spring to mind in your search for affordable rental equipment, but does Walmart rent floor scrubbers? I’ve done the research and can tell you the answer!

Does Walmart Rent Floor Scrubbers? 

Unfortunately, Walmart does not rent floor scrubbers. However, Walmart does offer a wide variety of household and commercial floor scrubbers in-store and online for $30-$5,999. Customers can also rent floor scrubbers from Home Depot, Herc Rentals, Tennant, and Kwipped.

If you’d like to know why Walmart doesn’t rent scrubbers and where else you can fire them, keep on reading!

Alternative Places To Rent Floor Scrubbers? 

If you’re not willing to commit to a full purchase, you can hire floor scrubbers to rent at Home Depot for around $30 a day.

Additionally, Kwipped, Tennant, and Karcher offer floor scrubbers for hire. Find steel scrub brushes for rental at Menards, costing $10 for the first 4 hours and 50 cents for every extra hour.

Alternatively, specialist retailer Herc Rentals allows customers to hire a range of floor scrubbers: 

  • 15-inch floor scrubber at $135 daily
  • 32-inch at $275 daily
  • 36-inch at $525 daily 
  • 40-inch at $540 daily

Does Walmart Sell Floor Scrubbers?

Yes, Walmart sells a wide variety of floor scrubbers in-store and online. stocks an extensive range of floor scrubbers sold by Walmart and third-party sellers. Customers can purchase rechargeable, handheld, portable, cordless, and commercial floor scrubbers.

Customers looking for low-duty floor scrubbers can expect to pay anywhere between $30 to $300. Third-party merchants sell industry-standard floor scrubbers for just over $2,600-$5,999.  

Walmart’s floor scrubbers can tackle dirt on brick, carpet, ceramic, concrete, cork, hardwood, laminate, linoleum, marble, polished tile, rubber, slate, terrazzo, and vinyl surfaces. 

Are Floor Scrubbers From Walmart Good?

Yes, floor scrubbers from Walmart generally receive positive customer ratings. The Ewbank Ep170 All-In-One Floor Scrubber is classed as one of Walmart’s best sellers, with customers expressing their satisfaction with the cleanliness of their homes after use. 

The BFGS 5000 portable floor scrubbing machine is another customer favorite. Reviews praise the machine’s ability to conquer dirt on concrete, tiles, and waxed flooring. Priced at $259.78 online, you’ll receive an additional set of scrubbing brushes and pads.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Rent Floor Scrubbers? 

Walmart does not rent floor scrubbers to encourage customers to purchase their own range. Head over to your local store or, where you’ll find a wide variety of hard floor cleaners, including cordless, electric, and mini floor scrubbers.

While Walmart does not rent floor scrubbers, customers can still rent a carpet cleaner from most of their stores nationwide.

If you are looking to learn more, you can also see our articles on whether or not Home Depot rents carpet cleaners, Safeway carpet cleaner rental, and if Kroger rents carpet cleaners.


Customers cannot rent floor scrubbers from Walmart. However, they can purchase a wide variety of low duty and commercial floor scrubbers at Walmart stores and online for $30 and $5,999. Hire floor scrubbers at Home Depot, Herc Rentals, Kwipped, Tennant, and Karcher. 

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