Does Walmart Sell Costco Gift Cards? [Answered]

Walmart is a massive superstore that sells almost everything, and, like many other retail stores, they sell gift cards to other stores and businesses.

So, given Walmart’s vast offerings, can you purchase a Costco gift card at their stores? This is what I found by doing some research:

Does Walmart Sell Costco Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not sell Costco gift cards. Costco gift cards can only be bought directly at Costco stores or on the Costco website and must be purchased by a member. However, if a non-member is given a Costco gift card purchased by a member, they can still use it without having a membership.

So, how can you get and use a Costco gift card?

If you want to know more about Costco gift cards, where to buy them, and how to use them, keep reading to learn more!

Why Can’t You Buy Costco Gift Cards at Walmart?

Since Costco is one of Walmart’s major competitors, Walmart has decided not to sell Costco gift cars, along with other brands, including and Michaels.

However, this does seem to be a two-way street, as even if Walmart was to sell Costco gift cards, Costco themselves don’t allow any third-party retailers to stock or sell their warehouse gift cards.

Where Else Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, Costco gift cards are not sold at any other store besides Costco. You can buy Costco gift cards, called Costco Cash Cards, directly from Costco at their membership services desk.

Their gift cards are also available to be purchased online using the Costco website. However, you must be a member to purchase a Costco gift card.

Can You Buy and Use a Costco Gift Card without a Membership?

You cannot purchase a Costco gift card if you do not have a membership. However, you are able to use a Costco gift card to purchase items at a Costco warehouse, even if you are not a member.


Unfortunately, Costco gift cards cannot be purchased at Walmart or any other retail store. You can only buy Costco cards directly from Costco, in-store or online and you must be a Costco member. However, you can use a Costco gift card without a membership as long as a member purchases it.

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