Does Walmart Sell Yeti Coolers & Tumblers? (Do This Instead…)

Walmart sells a wide range of convenient items for all seasons and occasions, from summer camping trips to daily commutes.

But, does Walmart sell Yeti’s hard-wearing and high-quality outdoor coolers and tumblers? I did some digging and here is what I found out.

Does Walmart Sell Yeti Coolers & Tumblers?

Walmart does not sell Yeti-branded coolers and tumblers. Yeti does not sell through any discount retailers in the US and does not plan to. Shoppers can only purchase Yeti products in person at a select few specialty stores. Customers can also purchase lower-cost coolers and tumblers from Walmart.

From the reasons why Yeti products aren’t sold in Walmart to the alternative products available in-store, keep reading for all you need to know!

Why Does Walmart Not Sell Yeti Coolers & Tumblers?

Walmart is not authorized to sell Yeti coolers, tumblers, or other Yeti-branded products at any of its stores or online.

In fact, Yeti is very particular about which stores it will sell through, and discount retailers like Walmart do not make the cut.

Selling through discount retailers would mean large quantities of Yeti’s stock would be made available to consumers at a reduced rate and diminish the brand’s high-quality reputation.

Are Walmart Planning On Selling Yeti Coolers & Tumblers?

It looks unlikely that Walmart will be selling Yeti Coolers, Yeti Tumblers, or any other Yeti-branded products anytime soon.

And, unfortunately, historic tensions between the two brands might make a future partnership even less likely.

In 2016, Yeti filed a lawsuit against Walmart for selling lookalike tumblers. Then, in 2017, the brand brought further charges against the retail giant for similar reasons.

What Stores Sell Yeti Coolers & Tumblers?

One of the few places you’re sure to find Yeti branded products is on their own online store, which you can find over at

As well as their hugely popular coolers and reusable tumblers, you can buy other drinkware, waterproof bags, and hiking gear, amongst other things.

You can also shop for Yeti coolers and Yeti tumblers on Amazon. However, you’ll often find that there is a significant markup on Yeti’s products if you do.

If you would rather buy Yeti products in person, they are available from smaller independent and local specialty stores across the country, which are unlikely to dock or inflate the price of the items before the point of sale.

What Coolers & Tumblers Can I Buy From Walmart?

What Coolers & Tumblers Can I Buy From Walmart?

If you want to purchase coolers and tumblers from Walmart, you can shop their wide selection both in-store and online.

Including discount coolers from brands such as Coleman and Igloo, tumblers from Built and TAL, and both products from Walmart’s own brand, Ozark Trail, there is plenty of choice for Walmart shoppers.

You can also purchase a very limited number of Yeti products on the Walmart website.

However, they are sold through third-party sellers and are not otherwise affiliated with the Walmart brand.

Are Walmart Coolers & Tumblers The Same Quality As Yeti Branded Products?

Yeti products are known for being of superior quality. According to one review from CNET, Yeti’s coolers are far sturdier and have better insulation and ice retention than their competitors.

So, while Walmart’s coolers and tumblers provide a cheaper alternative, they are not of the same high quality.

However, that’s not to say that Walmart’s own products aren’t worthwhile.

Coolers from Walmart’s Ozark Trail label are still able to retain ice for around four days, while Ozark Trail tumblers can keep drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours.

How Much Do Coolers & Tumblers Cost At Walmart?

The coolers and tumblers available from Walmart vary in price, depending on the product specifications and the brand. For example, tumblers start at $7.94 for a Built Double Wall Stainless Steel Tumbler and go up to around $33.

In the case of coolers, the cheapest you can get is an Ozark Trail Soft-Sided Thermocooler for $5.44, which is significantly less expensive than Yeti’s $200+ products. However, prices go up as high as $247 for Ozark Trail coolers.

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No, Walmart does not sell Yeti coolers and tumblers, although a couple of Yeti items are available for purchase from third party sellers on the Walmart website.

Yeti tends to only authorize independent and specialty local retailers to sell their products. Those who want to buy Yeti products online would be best off doing so on the Yeti website. Or, for a cheaper alternative, shoppers can purchase coolers and tumblers from Walmart’s own Ozark Trail label, both in-store and online.

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