Does Wayfair Ship to Hawaii? (All You Need to Know)

As everyone who lives in Hawaii knows, mail can take longer to arrive, and in some cases, certain retailers might not ship to Hawaii at all. Wayfair prides itself on both its domestic and international operations, stating, “All of our items are available to ship within the U.S.”

But does Wayfair ship to Hawaii? Hawaii is not part of the mainland, so is there a caveat to the company’s claim that it ships within the U.S.? I’ve got the answer you seek, so keep reading!

Does Wayfair Ship to Hawaii in 2024?

Wayfair does ship to Hawaii, however, “additional fees or shipping restrictions may apply,” and delivery times can be much longer than in the contiguous U.S. states, from a few weeks to a few months. Customers can speed up the process by using a company that specializes in shipping to Hawaii, though it can be expensive in 2024.

To learn more about the states to which Wayfair ships, including Hawaii, if Wayfair shipping is expensive, who delivers Wayfair products, and much more, keep going!

Does Wayfair Deliver to All States?

Wayfair, according to its website, delivers to all states.

“All of our items are available to ship within the United States,” the website reads.

However, there are some caveats. For example, Wayfair cannot ship to P.O. boxes or military APOs.

And, if you require shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, “additional fees or shipping restrictions may apply.”

That could include longer ship times – much longer, to the tune of several months, in some cases – and higher shipping costs.

For example, to ship a $153 rug to Honolulu, HI, despite it being more than $35 (the minimum for free shipping), it costs $72.99 to ship.

The reason? As the shopping cart reads, “This postal code is outside of our normal delivery zone, and we are unable to offer free shipping.”

Is Wayfair Shipping Expensive?

Is Wayfair Shipping Expensive?

If you are shipping to the contiguous 48 states, and you meet the $35 minimum, your Wayfair order ships for free.

However, if you are shipping to the contiguous 48 states and you don’t meet the $35 minimum, you are charged a flat rate of $4.99.

This isn’t bad, all things considered, though it does make you want to hit that $35 minimum.

However, if you’re shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, you likely won’t qualify for free shipping, whether you hit the $35 minimum.

Rather, the shipping fee you will be charged depends on how much your cart total is, and the higher your total, the more you will pay for shipping.

For example, a set of Collapsible Fabric Cubes is $23.77 and costs $38.99 to ship to Alaska.

Add on a $153.99 rug, and that shipping fee jumps to $111.98.

So, if you are shipping to somewhere not in the contiguous 48 states, particularly Alaska and Hawaii, shipping can be very expensive.

In fact, it can be almost as much as, or more than, the cost of the item itself.

Who Delivers Wayfair Products?

For packages less than 150 lbs., Wayfair relies on UPS and FedEx to deliver items.

Often, when you are perusing the website, you will see two-day shipping or an estimated delivery date listed next to the product.

UPS and FedEx are known for their fast shipping, particularly for heavy items that weigh up to 150 lbs.

Now, larger and heavier items than what UPS or FedEx can handle – for say, a sectional – are sent “via trusted carriers.”

Not only that, but someone will also be in contact with you to schedule the delivery of your larger item, down to the date and time.

These larger items can take anywhere from one to three weeks for delivery.

Where Are Wayfair Products Shipped From?

While some items are shipped from Wayfair distribution centers, the bulk – 95 percent, in fact – never touch Wayfair’s hands.

Rather, Wayfair is basically an online storefront for some 11,000 merchandisers, and so when you place an order on the site, Wayfair nudges the supplier.

Afterward, the supplier ships out the item.

So, Wayfair items can be shipped from all over the U.S. – it depends on where the warehouse is for the supplier from which you purchased the item.

That said, Wayfair does its own in-house logistics network, called CastleGate.

The most popular items Wayfair sells are stored in CastleGate warehouses. In fact, about 20 percent of Wayfair’s offerings originate from a CastleGate warehouse.

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Wayfair does ship to Hawaii, though it can be very expensive. Because Hawaii is outside of Wayfair’s normal postal zones, customers do incur extra shipping charges.

Further, customers in Hawaii can expect longer wait times, especially for larger items, to the tune of a few weeks to a few months.

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