Is Wayfair Furniture Good? (Don’t Make These Mistakes…)

Peruse the Wayfair website and you’ll find any number of couches, mattresses, kitchen islands, chairs, and so on, all for terrific prices. Spend $35 (not difficult to do) and you get free shipping, and in some cases, your purchase will be at your door within two days. So what’s the problem?

Well, you might be wondering about the quality. Is Wayfair furniture good? Is it worth the price? I’ve got the answer you seek, so keep reading this article to learn more regarding this topic!

Is Wayfair Furniture Good in 2024?

Wayfair furniture is generally considered good quality and value in 2024. While there have been reports of a damaged or defective product, after contacting customer support, new pieces are shipped out for free. Wayfair sells furniture at low, mid, and high price points, and in all cases, including for low price-point items, the quality is considered quite good.

Let’s dive deeper into whether Wayfair is considered worth it, the quality of Wayfair’s product, if Wayfair is overall considered a reliable company, and even how Wayfair is so cheap. To learn more, keep reading!

What Is the Quality of Wayfair Furniture?

Wayfair’s products are considered good quality on the whole, and especially if you get items on sale, you’re getting even more bang for your buck.

Included in Slumber Search’s top picks are Wayfair’s couches and sectionals, TV stands, coffee tables, beds, and bedroom sets.

In each of these categories, Wayfair offers a wide price range, wide selection, and, yes, a wide range of quality.

Perhaps one of the best pieces of advice I can offer you: Don’t skip the user reviews! In fact, you can filter your search by Customer Rating.

Simply go to where it says “More filters” on the sidebar of the Wayfair site; select Customer Rating, and it will show you a drop-down menu.

Pick the number of stars you consider to be the minimum quality allowable, be it five stars, four, or three.

So as not to rule out too many options, I recommend four stars and up, but you can go for five for starters and then open the field if you don’t find anything in your price range.

If you find something you like, but it only has two or three stars, take a closer look at the Customer Ratings.

Did the customer rate the product or, say, the delivery?

Sometimes, people will leave low-star reviews because the delivery person didn’t put the box where they wanted it on their porch.

It has nothing to do with the item itself, but it does drag down the Customer Rating average.

Also, while the Customer Rating is important, it is not the be-all, end-all to determining quality.

Wayfair is one of the opaquest retailers out there when it comes to product material.

While there are many items on the site made of manufactured wood and other synthetic materials, Wayfair is at least totally honest about it.

And, just like you can filter results for Customer Rating, you can filter results for material, including solid wood (though these tend to be the more expensive items).

Is Wayfair Worth It?

Is Wayfair Worth It?

Wayfair, for the most part, is a good place to purchase furniture, home décor, lighting, appliances, rugs, etc.

For starters, Wayfair offers free shipping for orders over $35; and on Wayfair, $35 is not a difficult minimum to hit, just because the bulk of what the company sells is furniture.

For orders under $35, shipping costs just $4.99.

The shipping itself is very fast unless your item is on backorder or there is some other factory delay.

Personally, I have made numerous purchases from Wayfair in the past and was told my items would arrive within five days, and they happily arrived within two or three.

There is also the generous 30-day return policy, though items do have to be returned in their original packaging (or similar-sized box).

Additionally, you must pay the return shipping, but it comes out of your refund – it’s not paid out of pocket directly.

Then there is the wide selection of items – 14 million different pieces, from 11,000 different manufacturers, so you’re sure to find something you like at a price you love.

Finally, there are Customer Ratings. With hundreds of thousands of reviews, Wayfair’s customers will tell you if an item is worth it.

In fact, I find the Customer Ratings to be the best advertisement Wayfair’s got, and it gives you – the potential customer – something to think about before you make the leap.

Is Wayfair a Good Price?

Wayfair is well-priced across the board, particularly when there are sales, and one of the things I like best about Wayfair is that there is a price point for everyone.

On the lower end, you can still find bed frames, couches, mattresses, nightstands, TV stands, and much more for prices comparable to what you’d find at Walmart or IKEA.

Further, if you’re looking at something you like but it’s out of your price range, scroll down to Compare Similar Items, where Wayfair will often list related products for less.

Does Wayfair Have Good Ratings?

Slumber Search gives Wayfair a 9.5/10 overall, a 9.3/10 for customer satisfaction, and a 9.6/10 for the price value.

On Consumer Affairs, Wayfair holds a 3.6/5 rating, listing the pros as a low delivery fee, product variety, and rewards and perks.

However, the cons are that the furniture is as assembly required, and some items are pricey.

The two top Wayfair reviews are five stars, though, with both reviewers expressing some trepidation before ordering, but ultimately having a great experience.

Still, on Wayfair holds a 2/5 rating, and from the reviews, it appears the main issues are customer service and delivery, not the quality of the items.

Why Is Wayfair So Cheap?

One might assume that the reason Wayfair is so cheap is that it has cheap products.

This is not the case, on the whole, as Wayfair’s products are generally good quality and long-lasting.

One reason that Wayfair can afford to charge such low prices is that they are 100 percent online, so there are no salespeople to pay.

It also means that, without any physical locations, there is no upkeep, no utilities, etc.

Also, I would hazard to guess that Wayfair – a company that doesn’t manufacture any of its products – has negotiated below-wholesale prices from the companies that do.

This would enable them to offer the products to customers at lower-than-average rates.

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Wayfair furniture is considered good on the whole, and it has the Customer Ratings to prove it. However, you should pay close attention to those Customer Ratings when shopping on Wayfair, as they offer direct insight into which products might not be so great.

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