DoorDash Driver Going Wrong Way (How To Contact + More)

Millions of customers use food delivery services like DoorDash because of the convenience. With DoorDash, you don’t even have to leave your house to receive food from local restaurants, convenience stores, and more.

However, if you look at the DoorDash tracking and see your delivery driver going the wrong way, you may wonder how to redirect them. I wondered the same thing, so here’s everything I discovered through my research!

Why Is My DoorDash Driver Going the Wrong Way in [currentyear]?

A DoorDash driver might appear to be going the wrong way because of detours, avoiding traffic, picking up multiple orders at one time, or, in rare cases, because they’re lost. However, DoorDashers use Google Maps to know where to go, which often provides reliable and up-to-date navigation routes in [currentyear].

If you want to learn more reasons your DoorDasher is going the wrong way, how to contact your DoorDasher, and whether or not DoorDash’s delivery estimates are accurate, keep on reading! I’ve researched everything you need to know!

Why Is My DoorDash Driver Going the Wrong Way?

There are a few reasons why your DoorDasher is going the wrong way while delivering your order. Here are the most common reasons:


DoubleDash is a feature that allows customers to place a second order from a convenience store after their initial order is confirmed.

Typically, the convenience store is close to the restaurant to make the delivery most efficient.

However, sometimes it can look like the DoorDasher is going the opposite way of a customers’ house on the tracking map.

Further, DoorDash allows delivery drivers to pick up two orders from different stores for the following reasons:

  • Customers can order more
  • DoorDashers can earn more tips
  • Delivery is most efficient
  • Solidify DoorDash as a one-stop-shop

DoorDasher Picks up Multiple Orders

Similar to DoubleDash, some DoorDashers may be delivering more than just your order.

For example, DoorDash allows its delivery drivers to drop off between one and five orders per trip.

Therefore, if you’re tracking your DoorDasher, you may notice they’re going in a different direction from your house.

Therefore, be mindful that they might have a couple of stops before bringing you your food.

Traffic and Detours

Depending on when you place your DoorDash order, traffic may be a factor that impacts your delivery time.

If a DoorDasher knows a way to get around the traffic, they may choose to do so. However, it might initially look like they’re going the wrong way.

Also, the same is true if there are detours because of construction in your area. Of course, a DoorDasher has to abide by traffic rules like everyone else.

So, a detour will force a delivery driver to take a different route to your house, even if it’s not the most efficient.

DoorDasher Is Lost

Although it’s rare, it is possible that your DoorDasher got lost on their way to your house.

However, because DoorDashers typically use Google Maps to make deliveries, this is pretty rare.

Still, if a DoorDasher is lost or can’t find your house, most often, they will reach out to you via text or a phone call.

Why Does DoorDash Allow Drivers to Pick up Multiple Orders?

DoorDash allows its delivery drivers to pick up multiple orders at one time for several reasons, including:

  • It’s more efficient for both restaurants and DoorDashers
  • Saves time on delivering numerous orders
  • Allows DoorDashers to make more money per trip
  • It gives customers the option to order from two different places on one order

Essentially, DoorDashers can earn more money in less time when they deliver multiple orders on one trip.

How Do DoorDash Drivers Know Where to Go?

How Do DoorDash Drivers Know Where to Go?

DoorDashers use a unique app that organizes all their earnings, orders, tips, etc., while they’re on deliveries.

Further, the DoorDasher app also has a built-in navigation tool connected to the third-party map service in their settings.

So, DoorDashers can easily get directions to restaurants and customers’ addresses. 

What Navigation System Does DoorDash Use?

Typically, DoorDashers use Google Maps because it’s the navigation system available in the app.

However, if DoorDashers prefer a different navigation system, they are certainly welcome to use that one instead.

Is Google Maps a Good Navigation System?

Google Maps is a reliable and accurate navigation system.

Additionally, Google Maps has accurate, real-time traffic updates, so users immediately know whether they have to take a detour.

Moreover, Google Maps makes connecting your map application to your car easy. 

Is DoorDash Tracking Accurate?

DoorDash tracking is pretty accurate, as customers are able to see a live update of precisely where their delivery driver is at any given moment.

Also, DoorDash tracking shows customers where the restaurant, their house, and the DoorDasher are at all times.

Recently, DoorDash improved its tracking feature to be even more accurate. That said, DoorDash now uses Bluetooth signals instead of geo-fencing with GPS. 

Can You Contact Your DoorDash Driver During a Delivery?

You are free to contact your DoorDasher at any time during the delivery.

That said, the DoorDash app includes a live chat feature that becomes available after your order is confirmed.

With this feature, you can text or call your DoorDasher with special instructions or any questions that arise. 

What If Your DoorDasher Delivers to the Wrong Address?

If your DoorDasher accidentally delivers your order to the wrong address, you have a few options.

For example, you have the option to re-order the food, file a claim, and request a refund.  

Reporting a Missing Order on the DoorDash App

As previously mentioned, it’s important to file a claim about your order being delivered to the wrong address.

That said, to file a missing order on the DoorDash app, follow these steps:

  1. Select the order that wasn’t delivered from the “Orders” tab
  2. Click on “Help” in the right-hand corner
  3. Under “Delivery Issues,” click on “Order never arrived”
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts and choose a resolution that you prefer

Also, you have the option to chat with a customer service agent if you’re not sure which resolution is best.

Reporting a Missing Order on the DoorDash Website

If you use the DoorDash website to place orders, you can file a missing order claim on this platform too. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the button with three lines on the top left-hand corner of the screen
  2. Select “Orders,” and find the order that never arrived
  3. Click on “Help” on the left-hand side
  4. Under “Delivery Issues,” click on “Order never arrived”
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts and select the resolution you prefer

Again, you can choose to live chat with a DoorDash agent about the resolution that’s best for your situation if you need additional help. 

Are DoorDash Delivery Estimates Accurate?

When you place an order on DoorDash, an estimated time of delivery appears after the restaurant confirms your order.

Typically, DoorDash orders arrive early or on time (90% of the time).

Also, the average delivery time is around 42 minutes, which is similar to other food delivery services. 

To find out more, you can also read our posts on how far does DoorDash deliver, DoorDash cold food, and DoorDash missing items.


If you notice your DoorDasher is going the wrong way, it may be because of traffic, detours, or because they’re picking up multiple orders on one trip.

Still, you have the right to contact your DoorDasher directly via chat or phone call through the app.

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