How Far Does DoorDash Deliver? (All You Need to Know)

If you want dinner from your favorite fast-food restaurant, but don’t want to leave the house, DoorDash makes ordering your favorite foods incredibly easy. All you have to do is place an order on the DoorDash app or website!

But what if the restaurant you want to order from is far away from your house? You might be asking: how far does DoorDash deliver? I was curious about the same thing, and further researched the matter, so keep reading to see what I found out!

How Far Does DoorDash Deliver In 2024?

DoorDash has a default delivery radius of five miles, extending up to 30 miles as of 2024. The delivery radius a restaurant has depends on the market (city or suburban) and the type of partnership (Basic, Plus, or Premier) it has with DoorDash. Also, there are extra delivery and service fees for long-distance DoorDash orders.

If you want to learn more about DoorDash delivery radiuses, the differences between the types of partnerships, and how to track your DoorDash orders, keep on reading!

What’s the Maximum Delivery Distance for DoorDash Drivers?

The maximum delivery distance is limited to 30 miles on DoorDash, but there’s a default delivery radius of five miles.

Also, the delivery radius depends on the location, and the type of partnership DoorDash has with the restaurant in question.

Moreover, DoorDash has a special algorithm that assigns a delivery range in each market, based on factors specific to that market.

For example, in more densely populated areas like big cities, the delivery distance is shorter than if you live in a suburban area.

Does Every Restaurant Have the Same DoorDash Delivery Radius?

Each restaurant offered through Doordash has a different delivery radius, depending on their partnership with the company.

That said, DoorDash offers three types of partnerships (Basic, Plus, and Premier) with the restaurants that sell food through the delivery service.  Let’s look at these in further detail:

1. Basic DoorDash Partnership

With a Basic partnership, restaurants have access to DoorDash’s standard delivery range within that market.

That said, the normal delivery range varies based on the market, as mentioned above. 

2. Plus DoorDash Partnership

When restaurants upgrade to a Plus DoorDash partnership, the delivery distance is upgraded by 10%, compared to the Basic delivery radius. 

3. Premier DoorDash Partnership

Finally, if restaurants opt for a Premier DoorDash partnership, the delivery range can be increased by 15%, compared to the Basic delivery radius.

Essentially, restaurants pay more for upgraded DoorDash partnerships, in hopes that they can serve a broader range of customers.

According to most DoorDash drivers, they’re much more likely to accept an order within a five to seven-mile delivery range, unless there’s a big tip for driving farther.

Are There Extra Fees for Long-Distance DoorDash Orders?

Are There Extra Fees for Long-Distance DoorDash Orders?

There are higher delivery and service fees for long-distance DoorDash orders. That said, you can see how much the delivery charge will be before completing your order.

Do DoorDashers Set Their Delivery Radius?

DoorDashers don’t set a delivery radius, but the app has a default delivery radius that’s set to optimize travel time and customer experience (making sure the food is still warm when it’s delivered).

Still, DoorDashers have the freedom to accept orders with a longer distance if they choose.

However, most DoorDash delivery drivers choose to accept orders that are closer together to save time and make more money.

So, if you have a long-distance DoorDash order, it’s best to tack on a big tip to encourage a driver to pick up the order.

Why Does DoorDash Have a Delivery Radius?

DoorDash sets delivery radiuses for restaurants to optimize delivery services. That said, DoorDash wants customers to receive their food as fresh as possible.

So, if a restaurant’s delivery radius is too far, customers’ food will get cold and soggy.

Why Does My DoorDash Order Say “Too Far”?

If you get a message that says “Too Far” on the DoorDash app, it’s most likely because a restaurant changed its delivery radius that no longer reaches your home.

Typically, if a restaurant gets frequent poor customer reviews or refund requests on DoorDash, it will change the delivery distance to improve customer satisfaction.

Either way, keep in mind that a longer delivery distance might impact the quality of the food you order. Or, the “Too Far” message may be because there’s a glitch with the DoorDash app.

If there’s a glitch with the app, it’s best to restart the DoorDash app or try placing the order on the DoorDash website.

Can You Track DoorDash Orders?

You can track your DoorDash orders on the app or the website once the order is confirmed.

That said, after your DoorDash delivery is confirmed, the app or website will give you an estimated delivery time.

Then, you can receive notifications on your order status, as well as your DoorDasher’s location with the live tracking feature.

Further, to track your DoorDashers on the app, follow these steps:

  1. Locate your order under the tab “Orders”
  2. The order details will include the estimated delivery time, and one of three delivery statuses: “In the process of being confirmed,” “At the restaurant,” or “The Dasher is on the way to you”
  3. When a Dasher accepts your order, a map will appear under the “Orders” tab
  4. On the map, you can see the location of your DoorDasher, the restaurant, and your delivery address

Also, you can contact your DoorDasher at any point using the message icon next to the Dasher’s name at the bottom of the “Orders” screen.

So, if you have any delivery requests or special instructions with your order, you can contact your DoorDasher directly.

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DoorDash’s delivery radius ranges from five to 30 miles, depending on the restaurant’s type of partnership with DoorDash.

For example, when restaurants upgrade their partnership with DoorDash, it can extend their delivery radius beyond the default distance. Also, the type of market impacts the delivery radius for your DoorDash orders.

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