FedEx Dress Code (Hair, Tattoos, Clothes + More)

Starting a new job can be stressful. You have to worry about learning how the company works, and you’ve also got loads of paperwork and training to complete. Unfortunately, that’s not all.

You also have to learn the dress code and ensure you show up to work dressed appropriately. This article will help you get started on the right foot by providing you with insider information about FedEx’s dress code policy!

FedEx Dress Code In 2024

FedEx’s dress code rules depend on the role in question as of 2024. Customer-facing roles like couriers or FedEx Office staff are usually required to wear a uniform consisting of black pants and a FedEx-branded polo shirt. Package handlers have more leeway when it comes to uniforms. They should be dressed comfortably and wear supportive shoes.

You probably still have a lot of questions about FedEx’s dress code, so you’d better read this article all of the way to the end!

What Is The Dress Code For FedEx Package Handlers?

Because package handlers spend the majority of their time in warehouses, hidden from customers, their dress code is very lax.

Still, each hub is able to enforce certain rules as it deems fit, but aside from that, there is usually no specific dress code.

Indeed, many current package handlers describe their workplace as very casual. While some colleagues may wear chinos and a polo shirt, others may show up in workout attire.

Both are acceptable so long as the clothing is fitted (i.e., not dangling).

Similarly, current employees recommend wearing clothes that provide a full range of motion and keep you cool while performing the physical activities required by the job.

Additionally, given the risk of falling boxes and the amount of walking required, shoes should be closed-toed and offer support.

Do FedEx Drivers Have A Dress Code?

Drivers are in a customer-facing role and therefore have a stricter dress code than package handlers. In most cases, drivers are required to wear a uniform.

Those who work for Express are provided with a uniform by FedEx, while those working as contracted drivers receive their uniforms from their respective companies.

Also, uniforms may differ depending on when they were issued and by whom, but in general, they consist of a polo shirt, pants, and a belt.

Further, FedEx will usually give each employee three shirts when they’re hired. After 90 days, the employee has the option to order the full uniform.

Does FedEx Ground Provide Uniforms?

Does FedEx Ground Provide Uniforms?

In general, FedEx Ground is run by contractors. Therefore, each contractor can run their business as they see fit, which includes making policies about employee uniforms.

As a result, some contractors may require and provide uniforms, while others do not.

Do You Have To Wear Steel Toe Boots At FedEx?

FedEx does not require employees to wear steel-toed shoes; however, employees should feel free to wear them if they already own a pair.

While not confirmed, it sounds as though FedEx Express reimburses drivers up to $90 for the purchase of steel-toed shoes.

More than anything, footwear should be comfortable and supportive. 

Can You Wear Crocs At FedEx?

Although these wacky and wild shoes are good for a lot of things, working at FedEx is not one of them.

That said, Crocs are soft and filled with holes. As a result, they would not protect your feet if a package falls.

As mentioned above, shoes should be closed-toe, comfortable, and supportive.

Can You Wear Ripped Jeans To FedEx?

There are mixed answers to this question, which likely means that the ripped jeans policy varies from hub to hub. If you’re in doubt, the best course of action is to ask your supervisor.

Can You Wear Nails At FedEx?

Those who enjoy getting manicures are likely wondering what FedEx’s policy is on fake nails.

Based on employee anecdotes, it doesn’t seem like FedEx has an explicit policy against fake nails. However, the employees point out that working at FedEx is a hands-on job.

In the best-case scenario, your nails will get ruined. In the worst-case scenario, they’ll present a safety risk.

Given the nature of work at FedEx, you’re probably better off keeping your nails trimmed, even if you’re not required to.

Does FedEx Have Rules About Hair?

FedEx’s policy on hair color seems very relaxed. In fact, employees mention sporting green, blue, and purple hair to FedEx with absolutely no issues.

In terms of style, long hair should be tied up for safety reasons.

That said, all of the people who responded were package handlers. Therefore, hair rules may be stricter for those working with customers directly.

What Is FedEx’s Jewelry Policy?

FedEx allows employees to wear jewelry at work but notes that it should not dangle (e.g., hoop earrings, bangles, or long chains).

With that, jewelry that dangles can present a safety hazard as it can get caught on the package handling equipment.

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Although there’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to FedEx’s dress code, a few rules stick out. First, those who interact with customers have stricter rules when it comes to their attire.

On the other hand, those who don’t can wear casual clothes or have rainbow-colored hair if they want. In addition, shoes are perhaps the most important part of a FedEx employee’s outfit.

That said, they should be close-toed and supportive. Finally, any clothing or jewelry that could cause a safety issue should be avoided.

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