FedEx Sick Leave Policy (All You Need to Know)

In order to maintain its status as one of the biggest and fastest logistics companies in the United States, FedEx needs to ensure that its employees are working at 100% of their potential.

Obviously, that’s not possible if an employee is sick. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at FedEx’s policy regarding sick days and sick leave in this article. Read on to learn how many sick days FedEx employees receive and how sick leave works!

What Is FedEx’s Sick Leave Policy In 2024?

FedEx offers corporate employees an unlimited number of sick days in 2024. Package handlers, drivers, and warehouse employees earn 1 hour of paid time off for every 20 hours worked. This adds up to 40 hours per year for part-time employees and 80 hours per year for full-time employees. These days can be used for sick time, vacation, or emergencies.

You’ve probably still got a lot of questions about FedEx’s sick leave policy, so we recommend that you keep reading this article for more useful facts!

Does FedEx Have Sick Days?

FedEx does offer sick days, but the amount depends on several factors.

This includes the employee’s role, the amount of time an employee has worked for the company, and the reason for the sick leave.

Corporate employees benefit the most from FedEx’s sick day policy. Indeed, they receive unlimited sick days.

Other employees mention getting 80 hours (2 working weeks) of sick time per year, however, their positions were unclear.

Still, others mentioned only getting 5 sick days per year, but again, their roles within the company were not mentioned.

It’s worth noting that contractors and drivers do not seem to receive any paid sick time.

Does FedEx Have Sick Leave?

If any employee needs to use more than their allotted sick days, they are allowed to apply for short-term disability through the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Leave through this program can be as long as 12 work weeks, however, it is unpaid.

What Is the FedEx Ground Sick Leave Policy?

FedEx Ground groups all paid time off (PTO) together. This includes sick days, vacations, and family emergencies.

Ground employees are eligible to start earning paid time off 90 days after they start working.

They accrue PTO according to the following schedule:

  • Part-Time Package Handlers = 1 hour for every 20 hours worked, 40 hours maximum per fiscal year
  • Full-Time Package Handlers = 1 hour for every 20 hours worked, 80 hours maximum per fiscal year

It’s worth noting that an employee can use PTO to cover sick days, but they’re not required to.

For example, if an employee has a vacation planned, they could save their PTO for that and take unpaid sick days.

What Is the FedEx Freight Sick Day Policy?

What Is the FedEx Freight Sick Day Policy?

There are very mixed answers when it comes to how many sick days FedEx Freight employees receive.

This discrepancy leads us to believe that the number of sick days depends on the location and the amount of time an employee has worked for the company.

One employee mentioned getting 3 sick days after working with the company for 1 year. Another said 5 per year but that taking them impacted their attendance record.

Another employee mentioned getting 6 sick days annually.

Can FedEx Fire You for Being Sick?

In most cases, FedEx will not fire employees for being sick. That’s especially true if an employee has a doctor’s note attesting to their illness.

Still, even though FedEx doesn’t fire employees for being sick, it’s quite possible that the employees won’t get paid if they’ve used up their sick time or haven’t accumulated enough yet.

How Do You Call Out Sick at FedEx?

If you need to call out sick from your job at FedEx, your best bet is to call your location and ask for your manager (or the manager on duty if yours is unavailable).

Explain the situation and mention that you need to take the day off.

It’s also possible that your location may have specific call-out numbers for occasions like sick days.

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FedEx’s sick day and sick leave policy can be tough to wrap your head around. That’s because it depends on an employee’s position within the company and how long they’ve been there.

While some positions offer unlimited sick days, others, like package handlers can only earn up to 2 weeks of paid time off (including sick days, personal days, and vacation). If you’re interested in working at FedEx and want to know more, ask your hiring manager.

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