FedEx Jewelry Shipping (Can You Ship It, Price, Steps + More)

Diamonds, rubies, and pearls—oh my! When shipping such high-value items, you want to ensure your jewelry stays safe. After all, theft or damage of precious things would be sad and a massive financial loss.

This article will look at what FedEx is doing to make shipping jewelry safer. More specifically, I’ll tell you how much value is covered, which shipping service to use, and how to package jewelry. So, if you need a little guidance about shipping jewelry, this is the place for you!

FedEx Jewelry Shipping In [currentyear]

FedEx’s Declared Value Advantage program allows eligible shippers to declare a value of up to $100,000 per domestic shipment and up to $25,000 to select international destinations on specialty items like jewelry, gemstones, and precious metals in [currentyear]. This service is not available for one-time or occasional jewelry shipments but rather for jewelry businesses.

Shipping jewelry through FedEx can be confusing, but this helpful guide should answer all of your questions!

Can I Send Jewelry Through FedEx?

Jewelry worth up to $1,000 can be shipped through FedEx like any other item because FedEx’s declared value coverage goes up to $1,000.

Further, that means FedEx will reimburse the cost of your item (up to $1,000) in the event of damage or theft.

Also, indicate the value of your items when shipping to take advantage of this coverage.

Moreover, if you’re in the jewelry business and frequently ship items worth more than $1,000, your best bet is to register for FedEx’s Declared Value Advantage program.

With this program, eligible shippers can declare a value of up to $100,000 per domestic shipment and up to $25,000 to international destinations on items like jewelry, gemstones, and precious metals.

To qualify for this service, you must have a FedEx account and meet qualifications based on the length of your relationship with FedEx Express.

Claims and loss and revenue history are taken into consideration for those applying to the Declared Value Advantage program.

Because of these conditions, this service is not available for one-time or occasional jewelry shipments.

Therefore, if you only need to ship jewelry infrequently (e.g., for repair), you should contact your insurance provider for shipping advice.

Can I Ship Silver Through FedEx?

FedEx prohibits standard shipments containing precious metal silver bullion products.

To ship silver bullion, individuals must either be enrolled in the Declared Value Advantage program or get written consent from a third-party insurance company.

Can I Ship Gold Through FedEx?

As with silver, FedEx does not allow customers to ship gold in standard shipments.

To do so, one must either enroll in the Declared Value Advantage program or receive written consent from an outside insurance provider.

How Do I Package Jewelry For Shipping With FedEx?

How Do I Package Jewelry For Shipping With FedEx?

When shipping something as valuable as jewelry, it’s important to package it well.

Luckily, FedEx has a lot of excellent packaging options.

First of all, whenever you’re shipping jewelry, you should always ship it in FedEx Express boxes, which come in small, medium, and large options.

That said, all non-FedEx-branded packaging must be reviewed by FedEx security and FedEx packaging engineers.

To keep your valuables even safer, pack the boxes with care. For example, use packaging material to cushion your items properly and avoid shifting or rattling the contents.

For even more protection, place valuables inside a FedEx Security Box or a FedEx Box With Safe Insert. Additionally, both of these boxes fit securely into a FedEx medium or large box.

With that, FedEx’s Security Box Kit is a corrugated retention insert that suspends a product inside another box.

Therefore, it provides extra protection from abrasions, indentations, punctures, or tears.

In comparison, FedEx’s Box With Safe Insert is a reinforced aluminum container equipped with a combination lock and key.

As you can imagine, using it ensures safety, security, and strength for high-value items.

Before sealing the box, place a copy of your company’s packing slip inside the inner shipping box.

Further, include the FedEx tracking number and the contact information for both the sender and the recipient.

After that, label the outside of the box with caution, and never use business names or jewelry terms in the shipping or return address.

Which Service Should I Use When Shipping Jewelry Through FedEx?

When shipping high-value items, FedEx suggests using FedEx Priority Overnight or FedEx Standard Overnight.

In addition, you should choose Saturday delivery when tendering shipments on a Friday.

When creating a shipment, select “Adult Signature Required” as your FedEx Delivery Signature Option. 

How Do I Ship Jewelry Through FedEx?

If you want to ship jewelry with a value over $1,000, you must go to an approved location.

That said, shipments valued up to $2,500 can be brought to any staffed FedEx Office location.

Moreover, shipments with a declared value of up to $50,000 must be brought to a staffed FedEx Ship Center.

On top of that, items with a higher value must be brought to an approved high-value dropoff location in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Jewelry Through FedEx?

Shipping jewelry through FedEx is more expensive than shipping other items for a couple of reasons.

First, FedEx recommends using overnight shipping for jewelry, and this kind of shipping is inherently more expensive.

Next, the special packing boxes add weight to the shipment, which also increases the price.

Last, while FedEx doesn’t disclose how much the declared value coverage costs for more expensive items, there’s a good chance that this makes shipping even more expensive.

All of that said, if you’re shipping jewelry valued at less than $1,000, you can use FedEx’s price calculator tool to estimate your shipping costs.

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For most average shippers, FedEx’s $1,000 maximum declared goods coverage offers more than enough peace of mind when it comes to shipping jewelry.

However, for those working in the jewelry industry and shipping high-value items, FedEx’s Declared Advantage program offers additional coverage in the event of theft or damage.

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