FedEx Multimodal (What Is It, How It Works + More)

If you’re in the process of shipping heavy things, whether they’re auto parts, machinery, or something similar, then you need to use a freight service when moving your merchandise around.

Fortunately, FedEx’s freight service comes in many forms: land, sea, and air, and all of the different transportation methods used make up FedEx’s multimodal logistics network.

Keep on reading to learn all about these different services!

What Is FedEx Multimodal in 2024?

FedEx multimodal logistics describes the various means of transportation FedEx uses to transport freight. Multimodal logistics include sea, air, and land transportation in 2024. Freight traveling by sea is transported via cargo ships, airplanes, trucks, and trains. Multimodal logistics has the goal of ensuring shipments arrive quickly, safely, and on time.

To learn more about how FedEx’s multimodal logistics network revolutionizes the shipping industry, complete this article for more facts!

What Is Multimodal Transportation?

Before getting into more specifics about FedEx’s multimodal logistics system, it’s helpful to understand precisely what multimodal transportation means.

Well, companies that ship freight often use multimodal transportation.

With this form of transportation, goods are transported under a single contract but are performed with at least two different modes of transport.

While the cargo is moved using different modes of transportation ( rail, sea, and road), the carrier is still liable for the entire carriage.

Which Types of Transportation Make up FedEx’s Multimodal Network?

As one of the world’s leading logistics companies, FedEx uses many forms of transport when moving goods around the world.

These methods of transport include planes, cargo ships, trains, and trucks.

Indeed, FedEx’s fleet is made up of almost 700 planes and more than 210,000 motorized vehicles. 

What Is the Goal of FedEx Multimodal?

As with all multimodal transportation, FedEx’s goal is to provide customers with the perfect transport solution that ensures goods reach their final destination safely, securely, and on time. 

How Does FedEx Multimodal Work?

How Does FedEx Multimodal Work?

FedEx’s multimodal transportation network is designed for customers shipping items, pallets, crates, or boxes weighing between 150 lbs (68 kg) and 2205 lbs (1000 kg).

Depending on the weight of the items, the amount of time available for shipping, and the budget, FedEx will work with multimodal customers to find a shipping solution that works for them.

To that end, FedEx offers a variety of different shipping options. Let’s take a closer look at what they are:

1. FedEx International Priority Freight – A dedicated express, time-definite, and customs-cleared service that connects shippers and recipients in 1 to 3 days.

Priority Freight offers international next-business-day deliveries by 10:30 AM to most European destinations from the US.

If goods don’t arrive on time, FedEx’s money-back guarantee applies.

2. FedEx International Economy Freight – A budget option for less time-sensitive shipments with day-definite, customs-cleared deliveries and FedEx’s usual support services.

3. FedEx International Direct Priority Ocean – An ideal choice if you’re aiming at full cost optimization.

This service comes with door-to-door, door-to-port, or port-to-door options, both with full shipment visibility.

Customers can choose between full-container loads and less-than-container loads delivered by truck.

How Do I Sign up for FedEx Multimodal?

For more information about FedEx’s shipping options and prices, contact your local FedEx sales representative.

You can try calling the main FedEx number at 1-800-GoFedEx (1-800-463-3339) or FedEx Express Freight Services at 1-800-332-0807.

How Much Do FedEx’s Multimodal Services Cost?

Because each multimodal shipment is different, it’s impossible to give a single quote without knowing more about the shipment.

This includes the weight of the package, the origin and destination, and the types of transportation involved.

That being said, FedEx does offer tools to help you estimate and budget for your shipments.

If your shipment weighs less than 250 lbs, you can call the Great Rates Hotline at 1.877.463.7408 to get a quote for a last-minute shipment.

If you’re shipping a package over 250 lbs internationally, use the FedEx MyQuote tool to get rates for FedEx International Economy Freight or FedEx International Priority Freight.

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On the surface, FedEx’s multimodal transportation network may seem complicated, but there’s a dedicated team of FedEx employees ready to help you figure out the best plan for your personal shipping needs.

In other words, you can feel confident that your items will arrive safely, efficiently, and in good condition every single time.

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