FedEx Statistics (23 Interesting Facts, Trends + Statistics)

FedEx is a shipping and receiving company that handles packages from all over the world, but have you been interested in learning some FedEx statistics?

I have been researching FedEx statistics and have found some trends and facts that I thought might interest you, so keep reading to learn all about FedEx!

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FedEx Statistics In 2024

  • Over 2.8 million packages are delivered in the United States per day with FedEx Express 
  • Over 10 million packages are delivered each day using FedEx Ground 
  • FedEx owns more than 670 airplanes 
  • Fred Smith founded FedEx in 1971 
  • More than 125 million tracking requests received each day by FedEx 
  • The FedEx logo contains a hidden arrow 
  • Over 6.6 million packages per day are delivered worldwide using FedEx Express 
  • FedEx created the tracking number in the 1970s
  • FedEx operates in over 220 countries
  • FedEx employs over 475,000 people

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1. 2.8 Million Packages Delivered Daily In America Using FedEx Express

More than 2.8 million packages are delivered each day using FedEx Express throughout America, which is an impressive feat.

2. Over 10 Million Packages Delivered Daily Using FedEx Ground

FedEx delivers more than 10 million packages a day using FedEx Ground, and it’s one of the most common shipping and delivery companies for ground shipping.

3. FedEx Owns More Than 670 Airplanes

FedEx owns over 670 airplanes, which means that the air fleet FedEx has is the biggest in the world!

4. Fred Smith Founded FedEx In 1971

Fred Smith founded FedEx in 1971, but the company’s original intention was that it would take checks and pick them up from the Federal Reserve.

Furthermore, FedEx would then deliver them to the member banks and have this all done within a day.

However, the Federal Reserve backed out of the idea, and Smith had to reconsider the FedEx business as he was in debt.

That said, Smith created a quick delivery service for time-sensitive material for both businesses and regular consumers.

5. FedEx Receives More Than 125 Million Tracking Requests Per Day

One interesting FedEx statistic is that it receives over 125 million tracking requests each day, making it about double the number UPS receives each day.

Did you know that there is an arrow within the FedEx logo between the “E” and “X” that points to the right?

Furthermore, this hidden arrow is supposed to be a subliminal message about FedEx delivering packages from point A to point B.

However, the hidden arrow was accidentally uncovered when the logo designers looked at more than 400 versions of the FedEx logo in 1994.

7. There Are More Than 6 Million Packages Delivered Daily Using FedEx Express Worldwide

FedEx Express delivered more than 6.6 million packages per day worldwide in 2021 using FedEx Express, which is likely going to continue to trend upward as more people shop online.

8. FedEx Created Tracking Numbers

One interesting fact about FedEx I wanted to share is that FedEx came up with the tracking number in the 1970s to track packages in real-time for quality control.

However, the tracking number was released to the public and is now a part of how we track our packages through FedEx and numerous other websites and companies.

9. FedEx Operates In More Than 220 Countries

Did you know that FedEx operates in more than 220 countries worldwide, and it’s one of the leaders in shipping and delivery services?

10. FedEx Employs Over 400,000 People

FedEx is a huge company, and you can see that by the fact that there are more than 475,000 people that work for FedEx all over the world!

11. FedEx Offers 3D Printing Services

While we all might think of FedEx for package shipping and delivery, the company also is involved in other businesses, including 3D printing, which is a cool fact about FedEx.

12. FedEx Express Earns $18.30 On Each Package In America

Revenue of $18.30 is generated in America for each package that comes through FedEx Express.

13. FedEx Revenue In 2021 Was Near $84 Billion

FedEx is quite popular for shipping, and in 2021, the company had revenue of close to $84 billion for all of its products and services, which is an astounding number.

14. FedEx Freight Generates Over $260 Per Shipment In Revenue

One interesting fact about FedEx is that the FedEx Freight shipments generate an average revenue of $260.39 per shipment, which is quite impressive!

15. FedEx Office Locations Exceed 2,000

15. FedEx Office Locations Exceed 2,000

There are more than 2,200 FedEx Office locations meant to serve customers worldwide.

16. More Than 40,000 People Work For FedEx Freight

FedEx Freight is one of the many divisions of FedEx, and there are over 43,000 people that work for FedEx Freight.

17. FedEx Air Fleet Consists Of Numerous Manufacturers

FedEx Air Fleet consists of aircraft by various manufacturers, including Boeing, Airbus, Cessna, and ATR.

Furthermore, there are more than 300 Boeing aircraft, 68 Airbus, 46 ATR, and over 235 Cessna apart of FedEx’s fleet.

Also, FedEx has double the aircraft that UPS does, and one reason is that the air fleet is one of the major things that FedEx is known for throughout the world.

18. FedEx Has The Biggest Market Share In America For Courier & Local Delivery

In 2020, FedEx had the biggest market share in America for courier and local delivery services with a 34.6% market share!

19. 51% Of FedEx’s Revenue In 2020 Was From FedEx Express

FedEx Express accounted for 51% of the total FedEx revenue in 2020, which equals about $35.5 billion.

20. FedEx Ground Accounted For 33% Of 2020 Revenue Total

Out of the $69.2 billion in revenue that FedEx earned in 2020, FedEx Ground accounted for 33% of that!

Therefore, you can assume that FedEx Ground is one of the biggest parts of the FedEx brand, and it’s likely going to increase in importance within the next few years.

21. FedEx Has Over 13 Transportation Hubs Worldwide

There are 13 significant transportation hubs throughout the world, and seven of those hubs can be found within the United States.

Furthermore, FedEx transportation hubs can be found in Memphis, Fort Worth, Greensboro, Anchorage, Newark, and Indianapolis.

22. There Are More Than 34,000 FedEx Drop Boxes in America

FedEx drop boxes allow you to drop off your packages at several different locations without going to a FedEx Office or other official FedEx location.

For example, there are over 34,000 FedEx drop boxes throughout the United States, and there are more than 11,400 retailers that have a drop-off and pickup area for FedEx.

23. $48 Billion In FedEx Revenue For 2020 Came From America

The United States accounted for $48.4 billion of the $69.22 billion in revenue that FedEx earned in 2020!

Therefore, it shows how popular FedEx is in America and how Americans have moved to more online purchasing over the past few years.

How Many Packages Does FedEx Handle In A Day?

FedEx Ground averages around 12 million packages per day, which is an impressive number and incredible to think about!

How Many Packages Did FedEx Move Every Day In 2021?

Overall, FedEx Express moved about 6.6 million packages delivered every day throughout 2021.

What Is FedEx Best Known For?

FedEx is probably most known for the quality air delivery services, although FedEx Express is also very well-known as its flagship, and it’s a reliable overnight delivery service.

What Does FedEx Stand For?

FedEx stands for Federal Express, which was shortened to FedEx after customers began using the term in 1994.

What Is The FedEx Motto?

The FedEx motto is called the “Purple Promise” since the primary FedEx color is purple, and it’s a promise to the customer.

For example, the Purple Promise says that FedEx will do anything humanly possible to satisfy every customer.

Additionally, FedEx will treat customers in a caring, polite, professional, and competent manner.

What Is A FedEx Bravo Zulu Award?

The FedEx Bravo Zulu Award is given to employees at FedEx who go above and beyond regular expectations and duties.

Also, the award comes from a signal from the US Navy, which means “well done.”

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There are several interesting facts about FedEx, including that the company was founded in 1971 by Fred Smith, and that FedEx created the tracking number.

Additionally, FedEx has the largest air cargo fleet globally, with more than 670 different aircraft, and the company has over 475,000 employees throughout the world.

Also, FedEx offers 3D printing services, among many other cool services, and over ten million packages per day are delivered using FedEx Ground!

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