Hayneedle (What It Is, How It Works, Price + More)

Hayneedle is an online retailer that sells furniture and home decor. Although the store has expanded significantly over the years, many people still don’t know what it sells and how reliable it is. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Hayneedle and what it sells, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve looked into the online retailer, and here’s everything I discovered!

Hayneedle In 2024

Hayneedle is an online furniture retailer originally purchased by Jet.com and later acquired by Walmart. Before acquiring Jet.com, Walmart and Hayneedle already had a strong relationship, so when the partnership with Jet.com dissolved, Hayneedle continued to exist. Today, shoppers can find modern furniture of all prices on the website with free shipping on everything.

Continue reading to see what I learned about Hayneedle, its connection to Jet and Walmart, and much more!

What Is Hayneedle?

Starting as a small hammock retailer, Hammocks.com, Hayneedle rebranded into a more niche home goods website in 2002 after receiving funding from Sequoia Capital.

Then, in 2006 it consolidated hundreds of sites into Hayneedle.com, a global online retailer for all your home furnishing needs.

When Did Walmart Acquire Hayneedle?

In a bold move, Jet.com purchased Hayneedle in 2016.

That said, this move expanded its customer service and warehouse space while also gaining access to Hayneedle’s vast catalog of products.

In 2016, Walmart acquired Jet.com and, with it, Hayneedle. But, Walmart had been a longtime customer of Hayneedle and had a longstanding business relationship with the company.

With the acquisition of Hayneedle, Walmart saw an opportunity to expand its e-commerce portfolio and better serve its customers.

Through the partnership, Walmart believes it will provide a more comprehensive selection of furniture on its website for shoppers nationwide.

Further, Walmart has been on a mission to become more digital.

In 2016 it acquired Bonobos, Mod cloth, Moosejaw, and Shoe Buy, which all have an e-commerce presence that will help Walmart better compete with companies like Amazon.

Who Is Hayneedle Currently Owned By?

Although Jet.com is no longer functional, that doesn’t mean Walmart severed ties with everything that came with that partnership.

With that, Walmart still maintains ownership of the Hayneedle brand and website.

Is Hayneedle Going Out Of Business?

No, Hayneedle is not going out of business. In fact, Walmart still views it as a profitable business, and you can visit its website to get savings on its products!

What Products Can You Find At Hayneedle?

At Hayneedle, shoppers can find a variety of products with more than 100,000 different items. Therefore, you can find anything from traditional furniture to more modern pieces.

So, if you’re looking for a sofa, phone stand, or an ottoman, you can find it at Hayneedle!

How Much Do Products Cost On Hayneedle?

How Much Do Products Cost On Hayneedle? Walmart

Consider Hayneedle the perfect online store for budget shoppers. That said, you can browse through the website’s “Sales” section to find every discounted product on the website.

Plus, there’s free shipping on everything!

Further, you can expect to pay the following prices on certain furniture. However, keep in mind that these price points are only ranges, as actual prices vary based on several factors.

  • Rugs (8×10): around $15 to $3,000
  • Coffee Table: around $35 to $4,000
  • Bar Stools (set): around $90 to $5,000
  • Outdoor Furniture (wood conversation sets): around $190 to $12,000

What Is The Hayneedle Return Policy?

If you decide to return an item to Hayneedle, you have a 30-day window from the date of delivery, not purchase.

Also, customers initiate all returns online because Hayneedle needs to see if the item is eligible for return.

To start a return, begin by looking up your order on the website by entering one of the following combinations:

  • order number and your name
  • order number and your email address

Then, click the “Look-Up Order” button and select “Return/Exchange” to determine if your item is eligible for return.

Next, you’ll need to generate a return merchandise authorization (RMA) to print.

When you return the product to Hayneedle, it must be in the original packaging (when possible).

Also, have the RMA slip and your contact information, order number, and a reason for the return ready.

On the outside of the box, print the RMA number and include a return address. For safety, always send the product through a trackable mail service (one that gives you a code).

Also, keep in mind that if you return an item because you changed your mind or just decided it wasn’t for you, you will need to foot the bill for the shipping costs!

How Do I Contact Customer Service At Hayneedle?

If a customer requires assistance, they can begin by searching the online help center topics.

There, the website offers clickable links and sub-links regarding order tracking, starting a return, and canceling an order.

After looking through the topics, if you still can’t resolve your issue, you can contact customer service for personalized assistance through email.

To get in touch with customer service, begin by selecting a topic from the drop-down box. Then, provide your name, email address, order number, and reason for contact.

Remember, customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm ET, and it’s closed during the weekend.

What Do Customer Reviews Say About Hayneedle?

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Hayneedle is an A+ rated company. Also, although it has received 101 customer complaints in the last three years, all have been resolved.

Of the complaints about Hayneedle, 72 have been related to an issue involving a product and delivery issues.

After reviewing the complaints, it looks like delivery often leads to delay or damage to the products causing customers to want refunds.

In these situations, Hayneedle has been quick to respond and refund the customer, which allows it to maintain such a high BBB ranking.

Does Hayneedle Have An Outlet Store?

Unfortunately, Hayneedle does not have an outlet store. However, it does offer discounted furniture such as sofas and chairs.

That said, its online store offers a wide variety of items, with most of them sold at a discount.

Additionally, shoppers that want to buy items and spread payments over time can use Affirm.

With Affirm, you make four equal payments every two weeks and receive your purchase without the need to wait, unlike layaway.

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Walmart has a long history with Hayneedle because when it bought Jet.com, it also bought Hayneedle!

But, when Walmart realized Jet was not working well, Walmart kept Hayneedle because it had an excellent relationship before 2016.

Since its inception in 2002, Hayneedle has established itself in the niche furniture market and offers many products for every budget.

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