Hobby Lobby Painting Classes (Free Classes, Location + More)

With a wide selection of painting supplies available to purchase, it’s easy to get all these required items from Hobby Lobby.

If you’ve done this and you’re looking for lessons to get you started, you need to read this article on the painting classes offered by the retailer!

Does Hobby Lobby Offer Painting Classes In [currentyear]?

Hobby Lobby offers painting classes at its physical locations as well as its online platforms in [currentyear]. You can sign up for the former by finding a store near you and checking the schedule. You can attend the latter for free either via the website or official YouTube channel, where the company has posted tutorials.

Continue reading to learn all you need to know about the painting classes at Hobby Lobby, including how much they cost, the classes available, and more!

How Do I Find Hobby Lobby Painting Classes Near Me?

To find Hobby Lobby painting classes in your area, you can visit the company website and use its online store finder to locate a store near you.

When you’re on the finder, type your general location into the search bar, and hit ‘enter’ to bring up a list of the nearest stores.

Go through the list to find one that you can access easily. The distance from your current location will be listed so that you can decide easily.

Find a good store and click the “Store details and classes” button to the left of the address to see the store’s contact information and courses available.

As of [currentyear], there are no classes available at any store, so you might have more luck with the online classes.

These are available from the Hobby Lobby website through instructionals, some of which have videos attached for easier learning.

These videos are hosted on YouTube, so you don’t have to be on the website to follow the courses. This makes it possible to learn painting from Hobby Lobby even outside the U.S.

Hobby Lobby Art Classes for Adults

All of Hobby Lobby’s art classes are available to adults. They are also open to people of all ages and skill levels.

This is not limited to online courses, as the in-person classes are also open to everyone.

Hobby Lobby Oil Painting Classes

Hobby Lobby Oil Painting Classes

Hobby Lobby offers different oil painting classes through its website and YouTube channel. In fact, one course teaches you the basics of painting using oil as an intermediate.

It doesn’t have a video to accompany it, but there is a downloadable document that you can follow, as well as an exhaustive list of the items used to achieve the piece.

There is also another one that teaches you about both oil and acrylic paints. It’s intended for intermediate painters looking to learn different techniques.

This one is complemented by a different class that teaches you how to prep a canvas for a painting project.

It has an accompanying video and is rated five stars from 12 reviews, where the users say it helped them understand the importance of the step they would previously skip.

Hobby Lobby Bob Ross Painting Classes

Hobby Lobby does not have Bob Ross painting classes, but you can learn different aspects of this style using the classes the company already offers.

Classes such as using oil and acrylic paints or preparing the canvas before starting out are available.

There are also several YouTube channels dedicated to this style of painting, so you can learn it for free after buying the supplies from Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby Free Art Classes

Hobby Lobby offers free art classes via the company website and official YouTube channels.

These avenues are linked because the website contains a lot of classes that have videos hosted on YouTube.

If you choose to learn this way, the only thing you will have to pay for is the equipment used.

Every item you’ll need to follow along has its price displayed and a product page linked below the video.

Hobby Lobby’s in-person classes, however, will need you to pay a fee to attend.

The company hasn’t stated how much it costs, but this source that says you will need $5 to $90 for a short course and between $100 and $120 for a longer one.

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Hobby Lobby offers painting classes online and at its store locations. These classes cover topics from acrylic and oil paints, to the preparation of the canvas itself.

You can pay a fee to attend the classes at physical store locations, but you can also get them for free via the company website or official YouTube channel.

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