Hobby Lobby Sewing Classes (Cost, Locations + More)

Hobby Lobby provides a wide selection of sewing, knitting, quilting, and other related supplies for beginners and experts.

If you’re one of the first group, and you’re looking to learn the ropes of the craft, read this article to learn about the sewing classes at Hobby Lobby!

Does Hobby Lobby Offer Sewing Classes In 2024?

Hobby Lobby offers sewing classes at its physical stores in 2024. You can find one and attend the lessons after paying a fee. However, these courses seem to have been put on pause recently. Hobby Lobby also offers these classes online via its website and YouTube channel, where you can learn from an instructor.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Hobby Lobby’s sewing classes, including the different options available, costs, and more!

How Much Are Hobby Lobby Sewing Classes?

It’s unclear exactly how much Hobby Lobby’s sewing classes cost, but there’s a site that has reported the cost of most of its classes at between $5 and $90 for a course that only needs one session.

There are courses that are spread out over several weeks, and these cost between $100 and $120 in total, at one class per week.

If you decide to go with the online courses over the in-person classes, then you won’t have to pay anything, because the company has posted everything on its website and YouTube channels.

Whatever option you pick, you will have to pay for the materials used in the class so you can follow along as the instructor teaches.

How Do I Find Hobby Lobby Sewing Classes Near Me?

You can find Hobby Lobby’s sewing classes at any of its physical stores. Visit the company website and use the online store locator to find a store in your area.

Enter your general location into the search bar and hit enter to get a list of stores in your area.

When you find a good location, click on the “Store details and classes” button on the right.

This will show you the store’s working hours, distance from your current location, and the schedule for the classes offered.

However, it looks like the classes offered in its stores have been paused for the past year or so due to regulations around indoor gatherings.

Luckily, you can find most of these lessons online at the Hobby Lobby website.

The company has a dedicated section to teach sewing using a lot of instructionals, some of which have YouTube videos.

These videos are published to the official Hobby Lobby YouTube channel, meaning you don’t have to be on the website to access the courses.

Does Hobby Lobby Offer Knitting Classes?

Does Hobby Lobby Offer Knitting Classes?

Hobby Lobby offers knitting classes on its website, as well as its physical locations. If you opt for the former option, you can find an instructional on the basics of knitting.

On the same page, the company has linked the items you will need to have to follow along so you can buy them directly and conveniently.

This course has received four five-star reviews from beginners, saying it helped them learn the craft and that it was easy to follow.

Does Hobby Lobby Have Quilting Classes?

Hobby Lobby has a couple of quilting instructional videos on its official YouTube channel that you can follow along to learn how to make items such as fabric rugs and throw blankets.

These videos have a link to a printable version that includes all the steps and materials used that you can buy from its website.

The company also has books about quilting for sale on its website that focus on different aspects of the craft, such as machine quilting and templates for beginners.

Does Hobby Lobby Have Crochet Classes?

Hobby Lobby offers crochet classes both in their stores for a fee and online for free.

If you go with the latter, you can get different courses, including an introduction to the basics that end with learning to crochet a dishcloth.

This video, like others of its kind, has a list of the items used below them. The prices are displayed and have direct links to the product pages, so you can buy them easily.

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Hobby Lobby provides sewing classes both at its physical locations and online platforms. If you go with the latter, the courses are free, but you might have to buy the materials used in the instructionals.

To enroll for a course at Hobby Lobby stores, use the store locator to find a location, then check the schedule.

However, these seem to have been put on hold for the time being.

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