Hobby Lobby Theft Policy (Your Complete Guide)

Hobby Lobby is an easy target for shoplifters, but they might not be aware of the company’s theft policy, and if you’re unfamiliar with it as well, you may be curious about what the policy entails.

If so, keep reading this article to learn more information about Hobby Lobby’s theft policy, and other related facts that I discovered on this topic!

What Is the Hobby Lobby Theft Policy In [currentyear]?

Hobby Lobby’s theft prevention measures are different in each store location in [currentyear]. Some locations have several cameras covering a large area while some barely have any CCTV. Other stores have vigilant loss prevention staff while others have a hands off policy. Nevertheless, there have been instances of people facing serious charges after getting caught shoplifting from Hobby Lobby.

Read on to learn more about Hobby Lobby’s shoplifting policy, including a look into its loss prevention program, security cameras and more interesting facts!

Can You Steal From a Hobby Lobby?

Security at Hobby Lobby varies greatly between locations. Some of them will have very little in the way of people keeping tabs on the shelves, while others will have staff dedicated to that alone.

Going by information from a former employee at the first type of store, it would be very easy to steal from Hobby Lobby.

By the staff members’ account, the store had no loss prevention agents, as the CCTV cameras were watched by the manager from their office and the feed was outsourced to a different company.

This location also has a hands off and no chase policy, meaning that, even if the staff sees you shoplifting, they won’t be able to do much about it.

Another way the employees observed people getting away with stealing from the store was by swapping price stickers on items.

However, note that this is the case in only one of the stores, and there are different Hobby Lobby locations with higher levels of security where it would be harder to shoplift.

Does Hobby Lobby Have Loss Prevention?

Does Hobby Lobby Have Loss Prevention?

Hobby Lobby seems to implement loss prevention differently across its store locations, so we can’t answer this question with certainty.

However, you should expect loss prevention to some degree at all locations and more advanced methods at larger stores.

In fact, there is currently a job listing from Hobby Lobby for a loss prevention agent in Oklahoma City.

This ad also mentions a greater loss prevention department under which the agent would work and give feedback for improvement.

They would be undercover, wearing plain clothes and patrolling the stores to catch and discourage shoplifters and fraudsters.

This agent would also be required to lend a hand during investigations into cases of suspected theft by store employees.

They are also required to complete incident reports, review CCTV footage and contact the police when needed, meaning that the locations with these agents take shoplifting seriously.

However, the ad mentions that the agent would be working within multiple stores in the area.

Therefore, your local store might have an agent present sometimes but not always.

Overall, judging by this ad, it’s safe to conclude that some Hobby Lobby locations have loss prevention methods that include undercover agents on patrol, CCTV cameras, and a dedicated loss prevention department.

Does Hobby Lobby Have Cameras?

All Hobby Lobby locations have cameras, but some stores monitor the camera footage more frequently than others.

Some locations have cameras that are watched by the manager, but others have an entire department that is devoted to loss prevention alone, including keeping an eye on the security feed.

What Happens If You Get Caught Stealing From Hobby Lobby?

As mentioned above, some Hobby Lobby stores don’t have strong loss prevention methods on hand, but even those don’t let others get away with shoplifting 100% of the time.

One thing to expect when you get caught shoplifting is being banned from the store, having your photo displayed somewhere, or being reported to the police.

In some instances, Hobby Lobby might press serious charges to make an example out of the suspect and deter other shoplifters in the future.

For example, one Hobby Lobby caught a 72-year-old in Texas walking out of a store with iron-on letters worth only $5.

Nevertheless, the staff got the police involved and wanted the shoplifter to pay over $1,000 in fines.

In this instance, the suspect had dementia and didn’t mean to leave without paying for their items.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting to display the level of seriousness many Hobby Lobby locations give to the prevention of shoplifting.

What Are the Hobby Lobby Shoplifting Codes?

There are two codes you might overhear at Hobby Lobby which are related to shoplifting: code 7 to call the manager and code 10 to report a possible shoplifting.

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Hobby Lobby doesn’t seem to have a company-wide theft policy, so stores have to implement their own depending on their needs, size and experience.

Some stores have very little security and personnel monitoring the store while others have dedicated teams of loss prevention staff.

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