Home Depot Aisle FW, BW, RC + Other Store Meanings

Although no Home Depot store is designed the same, the franchise uses common store meanings to help improve efficiency and make it easy to work.

So if you’re wondering what the aisle labels FW, BW, and RC at Home Depot mean, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn what I’ve discovered about these store meanings!

Home Depot Aisle Meanings

Home Depot’s acronyms are used to represent areas and aisles of the store. The FW label means ‘Front Wall’, whereas BW means ‘Back Wall’. Note that greeters and employees at Home Depot will be able to direct customers to their preferred sections.

If you want to learn more about other Home Depot store meanings, such as RC, SR, RT, PD, TR, etc., keep reading!

What Does FW Mean At Home Depot?

In the Home Depot store, FW stands for the Front Wall.

Often at Home Depot, this is located at the front of the building, close to the customer service areas.

What Does BW Stand For At Home Depot?

Similar to FW, BW means the Back Wall at Home Depot.

This encompasses the entire perimeter of bays around the Home Depot store.

What Does RC Mean At Home Depot?

The RC at Home Depot is the Register Cap, often located near the checkouts.

It can also be where the battery displays are featured at Home Depot.

What Does SR Mean At Home Depot?

At Home Depot, SR usually represents showrooms; however, the location of these showrooms in Home Depot varies from store to store.

Often there will be showrooms at Home Depot for kitchens, bathrooms, and other home improvement products and services to advertise them to customers.

What Is RT At Home Depot?

The RT at Home Depot is known as the Race Track, which is the central aisle in the store.

These aisles are generally stocked with lots of products that ‘tend to get in the way’, according to customer reports.

What Is FE At Home Depot?

What Is FE At Home Depot?

FE at Home Depot is the Front End of the store, which usually features displays that are located near the customer service area and the entrance.

Note that the FE at Home Depot may also feature building materials in some stores.

What Is PD At Home Depot?

The PD at Home Depot is the Pro Desk, which is designed for members of the Home Depot Pro Loyalty Program.

This desk can be used to assist Home Depot Pro and Home Depot Pro Xtra customers with collections, queries, and more.

What Is TR At Home Depot?

At Home Depot, the TR is for Tool Rental, which offers tools for customers to rent to use for home improvement projects.

To rent tools from Home Depot, you need a credit card and government-issued form of ID and be at least 18 years old to rent the tools.

What Is SL At Home Depot?

The SL aisle at Home Depot is for the Seasonal Layout.

These are products that will change at Home Depot for holidays and seasonal events such as Christmas and Halloween.

What Does ZMA Mean At Home Depot?

The ZMA at Home Depot stands for the Zero Markdown Allowance, which is when an item at Home Depot is damaged or discontinued and cannot be sold.

After an item has been damaged at Home Depot, it is issued with a ZMA that allows it to be correctly disposed of.

The ZMA can also be applied for ‘Store Use’ by employees, for items required for Home Depot’s function. These items are spray-painted orange at Home Depot.

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Home Depot uses initialisms in its store to represent various aisles that contain different features of the store.

For example, FW stands for Front Wall whereas BW stands for Back Wall. While the locations of the aisles vary from store to store at Home Depot, the store meaning tends to be universal amongst Home Depot staff.

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