Home Depot Christmas Trees (When Do They Sell Them, Types, Prices + More)

Home Depot sells a range of seasonal products for events such as Christmas to help customers with all their preparation and renovation needs.

So if you’re looking to purchase a Christmas tree, you may be wondering – what types of Christmas trees does Home Depot sell? Here is everything I’ve found out about this!

Home Depot Christmas Trees

Home Depot sells a range of real and artificial Christmas trees, varying in size (5ft – 12ft) and price ($10 – $200). Additionally, Home Depot receives its stock of Christmas trees in mid-November through December, which is grown by suppliers in North Carolina, Oregon, Michigan, and Washington State

If you want to learn more about when Home Depot gets Christmas trees, how much do real and artificial Christmas trees cost, and much more, keep on reading!

When Does Home Depot Get Christmas Trees?

Home Depot receives its stock of Christmas trees around November and December in time for Christmas.

The Christmas trees are sourced from local growers (see more below) and suppliers to ensure they are of the best quality.

What Types of Christmas Trees Does Home Depot Sell?

Home Depot sells a wide range of both artificial and real Christmas trees in-store and online for customers:

Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees at Home Depot come in a variety of shapes, including Full, Pencil, Topiary, Half, and more unique designs such as Upside-Down, Corner, and Spiral.

These are also available in a variety of colors, including traditional green and white, but also in bolder colors, such as multi-colored, metallic, blue, gold, pink, and black.

Other than that, customers will also find Christmas trees at Home Depot with various lighting options including LED, incandescent, and fluorescent.

Real Christmas Trees

Home Depot specializes in selling real Christmas trees in its stores and online.

Each Christmas tree type comes with a key feature to enable Home Depot customers to make the best selection of Christmas trees.

The types of real Christmas trees Home Depot sells include Spruces, such as the Black Tree Spruce, the Colorado Blue Spruce, the Norway Spruce, and the White Spruce.

Home Depot notes that Spruces have excellent needle retention, with many types being able to hold heavier ornaments.

Home Depot also sells Fir Christmas Trees, including the Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, Grand Fir, and White/Concolor Fir.

Fir trees have been said to have a pleasant aroma and unique appearance of needles, including a glossy finish.

Finally, Home Depot also sells Pine Trees, including the Eastern White Pine and the Scotch Pine, which are said to have a lasting aroma and are good for those with allergies.

Does Home Depot Sell Balsam Hill Christmas Trees?

Does Home Depot Sell Balsam Hill Christmas Trees?

Although Home Depot sells a range of artificial Christmas trees, it does not stock artificial Balsam Hill Christmas trees.

Balsam Hill Christmas trees are non-allergic and flame retardant due to the synthetic materials they are made from and they can be purchased from the Balsam Hill website.

However, note that Home Depot sells real Balsam Fir Christmas trees in-store in various sizes and shapes.

How Much Do Christmas Trees Cost At Home Depot?

The prices for artificial and real Christmas trees at Home Depot vary depending on the material, size, shape, and colour:

Artificial Christmas Trees

The average price for Home Depot Christmas trees is often in the mid-range of $50 to $200.

However, Home Depot sells Christmas trees from as little as $10, all the way to luxury artificial Christmas trees valued up to $5,000.

Home Depot even sells an extra-large artificial Christmas tree, the Northlight 252 inch Pre-Lit Giant Commercial Grade Christmas Tree, which is priced at $17, 278.12.

The top-selling artificial Christmas trees from Home Depot are:

  • Home Accents Holiday 7.5ft Jackson Noble Fir Christmas Tree (priced at $299)
  • Home Accents Holiday 7.5ft Wesley Long Needle Pine Christmas Tree (priced at $149)

Real Christmas Trees

Real Christmas trees at Home Depot are usually priced lower than artificial trees because they are not as durable and can usually be bought for between $10 and $200.

Note that these are often priced according to height, with typical sizes of 5ft, 6 to 8ft, 9 to 11ft, and 12ft and over.

Home Depot has real Christmas trees starting from prices as low as $10, and costing up to $200, usually for Fir 7.5ft of locally grown Christmas trees.

The top-selling real Christmas trees at Home Depot are:

  • 7-8ft Freshly Cut Live Balsam Fir Christmas Tree (priced at $54.98)
  • 6-7ft Freshly Cut Live Abies Fraser Fir Christmas Tree ($56.98)

Where Does Home Depot Get Christmas Trees?

Where Does Home Depot Get Christmas Trees?

Home Depot works with tree suppliers, including local tree farms across the US and Canada in order to obtain Christmas trees for its stores and website.

The majority of Home Depot Christmas suppliers are located in North Carolina, Oregon, Michigan, and Washington State.

How Do I Choose A Home Depot Christmas Tree?

Home Depot offers a guide to help you select a Christmas tree based on your preferences.

Factors you should consider include the size, color, type of needles, and whether you need them to be hypoallergenic.

For artificial Christmas trees, choosing a style that is likely to be long-lasting is important.

Some artificial Christmas tree styles include lighting already included, which can be an excellent additional feature.

Are Home Depot Christmas Trees Good?

Home Depot sells a variety of Christmas tree products in-store and online, with favorable reviews.

Both their best-selling real and artificial Christmas trees have 4-star to 5-star reviews on the Home Depot website, indicating their popularity with customers.

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Home Depot sells a wide range of both artificial Christmas trees and real Christmas trees in its stores and online.

Artificial Christmas trees are available in a selection of sizes and colours and have features such as LED lighting.

There are also real Christmas trees available at Home Depot that are sourced from local tree farms, which can be purchased according to height or tree type.

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