Does Home Depot Deliver Plants? (Trees, Shrubs, Succulents, Grass, Plants + More) 

Home Depot can be a one-stop shop for builders, renovators, and DIYers alike. However, gardeners can also find many products and plants for sale at Home Depot as well, both in-store and online.  

So, when it comes to planting life and gardens, you might wonder, does Home Depot deliver plants? I dug into the topic, and here is everything I could unearth. 

Does Home Depot Deliver Plants? 

Home Depot does deliver a wide range of plants to customers. Available delivery includes a wide variety of plant life, including both outdoor and indoor florals, trees, succulents, flowers, grass, shrubs, and other greenery. Free shipping applies to orders over $45.  

Read on for more information on Home Depot’s gardening center, what kinds of plants are available, how to get plants delivered, and much more! 

How Much Does It Cost To Deliver Plants From Home Depot? 

If your order from is over $45, the shipping and delivery costs are free!

While you may have to load your cart with several of the smaller plant or bulbs to achieve free shipping, most of the midsized or large plants total over $45, so you will get free shipping regardless. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Plants Delivered From Home Depot? 

Shipping times do vary depending on the items selected from’s gardening department and their warehouse availability.

But generally speaking, it can take between 2 days and 2 weeks for plants to be delivered to your home from the time of placing the order.

Because plants are a delicate and perishable product, Home Depot does work hard to get your greenery order to you as quickly as possible. 

How Do You Order Plants From Home Depot For Delivery? 

When perusing plants in the gardening center portal at, select the “Ship to Home” box in the upper left-hand corner of the page that also sports the icon of an orange truck.

This will filter all plant results to items that are available for Home Depot delivery, depending on the ZIP code location you are shopping from.

Make sure “Ship to Home” is also selected at checkout. 

Does Home Depot Package, Ship, And Deliver Plants Well? 

According to customers who have previously ordered plants from, all plants are well-packed on delivery and suffered no adverse health effects or damage during the shipping process.

Plus, the packaging includes a return label so customers can return the plant if it is unsatisfactory. 

Does Home Depot Deliver Trees? 

Does Home Depot Deliver Trees? 

Yes, Home Depot does deliver a variety of trees. When shopping online, you can get a wide array of great quality live trees sent straight to your door, including: 

  • Bonsai Trees
  • Deciduous Trees, such as Oak, Aspen, and Ash
  • Evergreen Trees, such as Thuja, Cyprus, and Blue Point Juniper
  • Fruit Trees, such as Apple, Lemon, and Orange
  • Ornamental Trees, such as Myrtle, Magnolia, and Cherry Blossom
  • Shade Trees, such as Maple, Weeping Willow, and Birch

Does Home Depot Deliver Shrubs and Bushes? 

Home Depot also caters to all of your shrub delivery needs. A variety of shrubs and flowering bushes can be found at, including full shade and full sun plants for many climates and hardiness zones.

Look for large, blooming bushes such as Hydrangea or Diplandenia or edging shrubs like Ligustrum Recurvifolium Privet. 

Does Home Depot Deliver Succulents? 

Beautify your space with succulents delivered right to your door! Home Depot offers delivery on all its succulent products, including: 

  • Aloe Vera Plants
  • Cacti
  • Hanging Succulents
  • Mini or Variety Planters of Succulents
  • Pre-Potted Succulents

Does Home Depot Deliver Grass? 

Home Depot even offers grass for home delivery instead of going into your local store.

Customers can purchase a variety of lawn grasses that come in 1-pallet shipments of 500 square feet and enjoy it delivered straight to you.

Additionally, you can purchase yard care products and pest control for delivery too. 

Does Home Depot Deliver Indoor Potted Plants?

Home Depot offers an incredibly wide array of indoor potted plants in various sizes for delivery.

The online gardening center categorizes all its indoor plants that are available by small (under 24”), medium (24” – 48”), and large (over 48”), and offers an array of direct-sun and shade-loving plants, including: 

  • Birds of Paradise
  • Ferns
  • Lilies
  • Orchids
  • Palms

Does Home Depot Deliver Edible Plants and Bulbs? 

You can even order various flower and edible plant bulbs from Home Depot!

These bulbs will be securely packed and shipped to your door and come in various sizes and maturity of sprouting for same-day planting in your flower bed or edibles garden.

Home Depot also offers an array of organic gardening options, both in plants and plant care products, as well as vegetable seeds, sprouts, and herb planters. 

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Home Depot does deliver plants that have been purchased as part of a order.

With fast shipping at no extra cost when your order is over $45, you can expect delivery of all types of plants, including indoor and outdoor blooms and shrubs, straight to your door.

Delivery takes between 2 days and 2 weeks, depending on availability.

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