Home Depot Delivery Driver (Duties, Pay + Other FAQs)

Do you like home improvement, have experience with appliances, handheld tools, and enjoy driving? If so, you may have thought about a job as a Home Depot delivery driver.

Therefore, if you’d like to learn more about this job and what it entails, keep reading this article to see what I learned!

What is a Home Depot Delivery Driver In 2024?

A Home Depot delivery driver will load and unload trucks and deliver products to customers, so you’re out in the community representing Home Depot in 2024. Delivery drivers need to follow safety precautions at all times and ensure that products are not damaged before completing the delivery. Answering customer complaints and questions is an important part of this job.

Do you want to know even more about the job duties and pay of a Home Depot delivery driver? If so, keep reading for more useful facts and tips regarding this position!

What Does a Home Depot Delivery Driver Do?

A delivery driver at Home Depot is responsible for loading trucks with merchandise, such as appliances, carpeting, lumber, or other items, and delivering them to the customer.

Additionally, the delivery driver is one of the most important jobs at Home Depot because you’re representing the company while out on deliveries. Job duties of a delivery driver include:

  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Ensure products are free of defects and aren’t damaged upon delivery
  • Ensure timely delivery of products
  • Uphold Home Depot values at all times
  • Project a positive image while out in the community
  • Uphold all safety rules and regulations in-store and at a residence
  • Read UPC labels, reports, and tickets
  • Respond to customer service calls
  • Respond to customer inquiries
  • Assist customers in-store

What are the Requirements of a Home Depot Delivery Driver?

What are the Requirements of a Home Depot Delivery Driver?

A Home Depot delivery driver will need to be over the age of 18, be able to drive a company truck, and a non-CDL license is required for delivery jobs.

As well, a high school diploma or GED is required for the delivery driver job position, or sometimes a CDL license is required.

What Skills Do Home Depot Delivery Drivers Need?

Home Depot delivery drivers must have great customer service skills since they’re delivering products from the store to customers within the community.

Additionally, delivery drivers will need to have excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as possess other skills and abilities, including the following:

  • Knowledge of products inside of Home Depot
  • Ability to handle customer problems quickly and properly
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Complete all required safety training
  • Ability to twist, lift, pull, push, reach, and stoop to move and carry items
  • Be comfortable in extreme weather conditions
  • Standing for long periods
  • Ability to work in environments where dust, fumes, and odors are common
  • Be able to handle tools (both handheld and power tools)
  • Understand guides, instructions, diagrams, and other product diagrams
  • Be a safe and courteous driver
  • Know how to properly load and unload merchandise and secure them safely in the vehicles
  • Physical stamina to lift heavy objects, which can occur with or without the assistance of moving devices

How Much Does a Delivery Driver Make at Home Depot?

The hourly wage for a delivery driver at Home Depot is on average $12.50 an hour, but the pay range can be anywhere from $10 to $21 an hour.

Additionally, your previous experience and your location are a couple of the factors used when determining if your wages will be at the higher end of the hourly range.

Is Home Depot Delivery Driver a Good Job?

Employees online have said that being a delivery driver is a good job where the compensation, benefits, and work-life balance are great.

Many employees love the interaction with people in the community and being able to share knowledge with customers about products, and say that it’s a productive job with an enjoyable work environment.

However, the job is also noted to be very stressful, especially when the store is understaffed. As well, some employees state that it can be hectic, and the customers could be rude to the delivery drivers.

However, you can learn a lot of skills being a delivery driver for Home Depot, which can help you advance your career and land even better jobs in the future.

Depending on the store, management could be an issue and lack the proper communication skills, but this will vary from store to store.

How Do You Apply for the Home Depot Delivery Driver Job?

The Home Depot Career portal is where you can go if you’d like to apply for this job, and it’s easy to search for delivery driver jobs through the job search function.

You can also search for the job by entering your address and selecting a radius up to 200 miles, which displays the stores near you that are hiring.

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A Home Depot delivery driver will be loading and unloading merchandise from Home Depot and bringing it to the customer, so you need to have excellent customer service skills for this job.

Delivery drivers will have to read UPC labels, tickets, and other information to ensure the proper delivery of merchandise, and earn on average $12.50 an hour for this job position.  

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