Home Depot Sales Associate (Duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours, + More)

If you’re looking for a new job and want to work at one of the largest home improvement stores in the country, have you thought about becoming a Home Depot sales associate?

If so, keep reading about the sales associate job at Home Depot, including what the job duties and responsibilities are and more!

What is a Home Depot Sales Associate In [currentyear]?

A sales associate at Home Depot will assist customers in purchasing merchandise in the store, try to upsell customers on more products, and answer customer questions about the store or related inventory as of [currentyear]. Sales associates need to ensure all aisles are cleaned and free of clutter for customers and will need to keep products stocked within their department.

Are you interested in knowing more about the sales associate job at Home Depot, such as hourly pay and if it’s a good job? If so, continue reading below to learn all of the details of the job!

What Does a Sales Associate Do at Home Depot?

A Home Depot sales associate will have multiple job duties and is responsible for trying to sell customers on products and provide general assistance to customers in the store.

Furthermore, customers will need to assist the customers in what tools are needed to complete projects and answer any related questions to the project. Other job duties include:

  • Recommend products to customers in the department they work in
  • Answer customer questions about merchandise and tools
  • Greet customers and upsell them on other products in the department
  • Maintain stock of merchandise within the assigned department
  • Ensure that the department is clean and organized so customers can walk safely
  • Follow all safety standards and guidelines
  • Correct all hazardous situations immediately or notify management if needed
  • Perform the job assignments required without endangering customers, themselves, or employees
  • Complete other job duties and tasks assigned by management

Additionally, you’ll be standing for the majority of your shift, so you’ll need to feel comfortable standing for up to 10 hours a day as a sales associate.

How Much Does a Sales Associate Make at Home Depot?

You can expect to make $12.28 an hour as a sales associate at Home Depot, although the pay can range from $11 to $16 an hour depending on your experience and your location.

How Many Hours Does a Sales Associate at Home Depot Work?

How Many Hours Does a Sales Associate at Home Depot Work?

A sales associate at Home Depot will work between 20 to 30 hours per week and Home Depot usually does not offer this as a full-time position.

However, if you’re applying for a job at a bigger store that’s a lot busier, then you may be working up to 40 hours per week.

The shifts at Home Depot for sales associates will vary, but you can choose to work either the morning shift or the afternoon shift. In some locations, you can also work the overnight shift.

How Old Do You Have to Be to be a Sales Associate at Home Depot?

At Home Depot, the age requirement to be a sales associate will vary by state, but in some states, you can begin working as a sales associate when you’re 16.

However, a majority of states require that you’re over the age of 18 before you can apply for a sales associate position at Home Depot.

Therefore, you’ll need to check your local store for the specific age requirement for the position, which you can do either online or by calling your local store and asking them.

Is a Sales Associate at Home Depot a Hard Job?

The sales associate position at Home Depot is not a hard job and it’s very easy as long as you’re outgoing, friendly, willing to learn, and have basic knowledge about Home Depot merchandise.

Is a Sales Associate at Home Depot a Good Job?

Employees have reviewed the job online and said that the work-life balance was good with the sales associate job and that it was a decent job to have because of the pay.

Additionally, you’ll learn a lot of new skills and gain knowledge of home improvement working as a sales associate, so it has the potential to help you land a better job in the future.

Employees have also said it’s a productive job that’s both fun and a great job if you’re young and like active work, since you’re standing and moving around the store quite a bit.

However, some employees have complained about management and have said that management is poor, but it depends on the store you’re working in.

As well, you’ll have times when customers are rude and annoying to you, and that can make the job both stressful and hectic if you run into those kinds of customers often.

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A sales associate at Home Depot is responsible for selling products to customers inside of Home Depot and upselling them on more products to complete home improvement projects.  

Additionally, sales associates keep track of inventory in their department and restock as needed, and need excellent customer service skills to excel at this job.

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