Home Depot Teacher Discount (Do They Have One + Other Ways Teachers Can Save)

Home Depot offers a variety of discounts, promotions, and rewards to its customers to help them save money while purchasing an essential home and business improvement items.

If you’re an educator, you may wonder if Home Depot offers a special teacher discount. Read on to learn everything I’ve discovered about this through my research!

Home Depot Teacher Discount

Home Depot offers teachers discounts through tax exemption if they are purchasing with school funds. Teachers shopping at Home Depot can obtain this by providing their tax-exempt form and school ID number. Home Depot offers other ways to save, such as price matching, discounts, and coupons.

If you want to learn more about getting the teachers’ discount at Home Depot, how else you can save while shopping at Home Depot, and much more, keep reading!

Does Home Depot Have A Teacher Discount?

Online reports suggest that Home Depot can give educators discounts in the form of tax exemptions, meaning teachers can save on products and services at Home Depot.

However, keep in mind that this discount is only valid for teachers making purchases with school funds.

Are Teachers Tax Exempt At Home Depot?

Teachers are tax-exempt at Home Depot if they are purchasing supplies using school funds.

This means that Home Depot cannot charge sales tax from teachers on purchases of educational supplies.

Unfortunately, teachers shopping for personal use are ineligible for this tax exemption at Home Depot.

How Do I Get A Teacher Discount At Home Depot?

To be eligible to receive a teacher discount at Home Depot, you must purchase supplies using school funds.

Additionally, you will also be required to present your tax-exempt form at checkout, along with your school’s tax ID number, so it can be verified.

You can make the process smoother by registering online at Home Depot as a tax-exempt shopper before visiting a store to purchase supplies.

This will allow Home Depot to provide you with a Home Depot Tax Exempt ID number that you can use to make purchases.

Note that teacher discount in the form of tax exemption is only valid in Home Depot stores.

What Stores Offer Teacher Discounts Other Than Home Depot?

What Stores Offer Teacher Discounts Other Than Home Depot?

Several stores in the U.S. offer exclusive discounts to teachers similar to Home Depot, including the following:

  • Lowe’s offers tax-exempt purchases.
  • Michael’s provides 15% off of purchases with school ID.
  • Staples offers 10% back in rewards through the Teacher Rewards Programme.
  • Office Max gives MaxPerks of $10 reward for every $75 spent.
  • Fabric stores such as JoAnn Fabrics and Hancock Fabrics both offer 15% off through their rewards programmes.
  • Crayola offers discounts through its Gold Star Teacher Programme, including discounts from stores as well as the opportunity to test and review new products.
  • Lakeshore Learning has a discount of 15% for Teacher’s Club Members.
  • Walmart’s Education Discount provides seasonal discounts to teachers as well as $50 Teacher Rewards Cards.

How Else Can Teachers Save At Home Depot?

Home Depot offers a range of savings for its customers in-store.

Along with offering discount vouchers and coupons through weekly ads as well as online, Home Depot can match competitors’ prices through its Low Price Guarantee.

Other than that, weekly and daily specials are available on the Home Depot website, which can help customers save on popular products.

For thrifty shoppers, Home Depot also has a rebate centre featuring products at discounted prices.

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Home Depot offers teachers discounts in its stores in the form of no sales tax if they provide the relevant tax exemption paperwork and purchase on their school’s behalf.

This is similar to the competitor Lowe’s, which also offers tax-exempt purchases for teachers.

Note that teachers can also use the regular discounts and coupons offered by Home Depot in order to get the best prices in store and online.

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