Does Home Depot Have A Senior Discount? (+ Other Ways to Save)

Many retail stores in the U.S. often provide various discounts to seniors, allowing them to save more money on their purchases during retirement and old age.

So if you’re retired and enjoy visiting Home Depot for your DIY and home improvement projects, you may wonder, does Home Depot have a senior discount? Here is what I’ve found out about this!

Does Home Depot Have A Senior Discount?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not offer an exclusive discount for seniors. Instead, customers can become Home Depot Pro or Pro Xtra members for additional savings or use price match guarantees to get low prices. Alternatively, customers can visit Kohl’s and Walgreens for senior discounts.

If you want to learn more about the best way to save money at Home Depot, whether you can save money with the Home Depot consumer credit card, and much more, keep on reading!

What Is The Best Way To Save At Home Depot As A Senior? 

The best way to receive frequent discounts is by enrolling in Home Depot’s loyalty scheme, which is ideal for regular shoppers and contractors who prefer to purchase items in bulk.

As part of this scheme, customers have the choice between a Home Depot Pro online experience membership or a Pro Xtra membership, both of which are free to use. 

Pro members receive benefits such as exclusive online perks, personalized deals, paint rewards, the ability to make shopping lists with categorization, and access to the Volume Pricing Program. 

Meanwhile, Pro Xtra members can also enjoy exclusive benefits personalized to how they shop in-store and online.

These include discounts, volume pricing, the ability to create quotes, paint rewards with access to a lifetime color history, purchase tracking, and ‘Text2Confirm’ payment.

So while there is no senior discount, this is the next best thing!

Are There Other Ways For Seniors To Save At Home Depot? 

Are There Other Ways To Save At Home Depot

Other than the loyalty scheme (with the Pro and Pro Xtra memberships) mentioned above, there are several other ways in which you can save money at Home Depot:

Price Match Guarantee 

Home Depot offers a generous price match guarantee policy that ensures that it maintains a competitive price point.

Customers (including seniors) can request a price match on two completely identical items from Home Depot’s competitors, such as Walmart, Costco, Amazon, and Lowe’s. 

Note that online items are eligible for a price match provided the product on the competitor’s site ships to your location. You may contact Home Depot’s customer services to process an online price match.  

However, if you wish to price match in-store, ensure you bring an ad, printout, or photo of the competitor’s price.

You can complete this at the customer service desk or an operated checkout lane and even get an additional discount of 10% from the competitor’s price.

Use Coupons 

Coupons are regularly found on Home Depot’s local ad guide, which features special promotions, multi-buy offers, and price reduction discount codes.

Seniors may also sign up for Home Depot’s email marketing service for further savings.  

Alternatively, you can check online coupon websites such as Forbes and Business Insider for online coupon codes. These codes are applicable at the checkout online and renew monthly.

Other than that, customers can also use eligible manufacturers’ coupons at Home Depot. 

Join The Home Depot Garden Club 

If you’re looking to start an outdoor project, you could save more by joining the Home Depot Garden Club for free.

Members could receive a $5 discount on their next order simply for signing up.  

To join this club, you’ll need to enter basic information such as your full name, email address, mobile phone number, and zip code.

You’ll receive several emails or text messages containing special promotions and discount offers as a member. 

Clearance Sections 

At Home Depot stores and, Seniors can find an extensive range of discounted items in the clearance or rebate section.

These products are usually out-of-season, returned, or slightly damaged items. Customers can generally find prices deducted with a percentage ranging anywhere between 10% and 60%. 

Other Retailers That Help Seniors Save

If you don’t live near a Home Depot, or you’re keen to locate retailers that support a senior discount, you should head over to the following stores: 

  • Kohl’s offers 15% off for those over 60s when you show a state-issued photo at the checkout 
  • Lowe’s veteran program for 10% off with a military ID 
  • Michael’s offers 10% off purchases when you are 55+ with Michael’s rewards account 
  • Walgreens Seniors Day provides 20% off selected items 

Can You Save With The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card? 

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card offers excellent savings opportunities to customers but requires them to undergo an application process similar to obtaining a regular credit card.

Once you have registered, however, you will receive the following benefits as a cardholder:

  • Up to $25 off on purchases worth $25 to $299 
  • $50 deducted from transactions worth $300 to $999 
  • $100 off on purchases equating to $1,000 or more 

With the Consumer Credit Card, you will also receive a more extended return period on Home Depot merchandise, meaning you’re less likely to lose money on unwanted items.

Keep in mind that the card is only eligible for use at Home Depot store locations and online. 

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Home Depot does not offer a senior discount unless you are a retired veteran with a valid military ID.

To save money, become a Home Depot Pro/Pro Xtra member for exclusive deals and offers, or make use of coupons and price match guarantees.

Alternatively, senior discounts are available for the over 60s at Kohl’s and over 55s at Michael’s. 

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