Home Depot UK (Are There Stores In The UK, Alternative Stores + Expansion Plans?)

Home Depot is a popular home improvement and DIY store chain in the U.S., with over 2,000 stores across the country and a growing number of stores in Canada, Mexico, and China.

If you’re interested in Home Depot products but live in the UK, you may be wondering – are there any Home Depot stores in the UK? Here is what I’ve discovered through my research!

Home Depot UK

Home Depot is unavailable in the UK as a physical store, and customers cannot order a UK delivery from Home Depot’s website. Despite this, the UK has several DIY stores that are quite similar to The Home Depot, such as B&Q, HomeBase, and Halfords.

If you want to learn more about whether Home Depot plans to expand to the UK, where you can find DIY tools and equipment in the UK, and much more, keep reading!

Are There Any Home Depot Stores In The UK?

There are currently no functioning Home Depot stores in the UK despite previous rumors of expansion plans dating from around 2011.

The Home Depot has never had a UK-based store, nor has the company publicly expressed an interest in opening one.

What Stores Are Similar To The Home Depot In The UK?

The following stores are specialists in DIY and home renovation tools, goods, and equipment in the UK and are suitable replacements for your Home Depot needs:


HomeBase sells DIY tools, soft and hard furnishings, electrical goods, garden furniture, seasonal goods, and home security items.

Along with that, it also offers installation services and advice and allows customers to mix paint or choose a default mix.


B&Q sells tools and equipment needed for DIY and home improvement projects. It also sells locksmith equipment, plants, and garden furniture and offers installation services and advice.


Halfords sells basic tools for home improvements and DIY projects but mostly focuses on outdoor sports and activities such as camping equipment.

Additionally, it also sells bike and car tools and supplies garage workshop equipment.

Will The Home Depot Ever Expand To The UK?

Will The Home Depot Ever Expand To The UK?

The Home Depot has not publicly expressed a will to expand its stores to the UK, despite previous rumors of The Home Depot wanting to acquire B&Q.

In 2011, representatives of The Home Depot brand refused to comment on whether they had any plans to expand their stores to the UK.

However, this does not mean that The Home Depot will not be open to expanding to the UK in the future.

Where Can I Find DIY Tools And Equipment In The UK?

You can find DIY tools and home renovation equipment available to purchase in the UK at the following stores:

  • B&Q
  • HomeBase
  • Halfords
  • eBay
  • Aldi
  • Very
  • Tool Store UK
  • Argos
  • Amazon
  • com

Which Countries Has The Home Depot Expanded To?

Home Depot has expanded its Atlanta-based business to the following countries successfully:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Latin America
  • South America (though the Peru store was forced to close after just one year due to low sales)

Does The Home Depot Website Deliver To The UK?

Home Depot’s website (online platform) does not deliver to the UK as it does not offer international shipping.

Despite this, UK-based customers can still purchase from the store using “personal shopper” companies, such as Big Apple Buddy.

To order through this company, you must fill out a form explaining the product(s) you would like to purchase.

Keep in mind that this company will charge you for their services, so make sure to ask for a quote before you order to avoid any mishaps.

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Home Depot does not currently have any stores in the UK, nor has the company expressed an interest in expanding to the country.

Overall, the UK has several DIY and home improvement stores that will work in place of visiting a Home Depot store such as B&Q, HomeBase, and Halfords.

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