How Can I Cancel a Zara Order? (Full Guide)

It’s happened to all of us – you make an order online only to realize that you actually ordered the wrong thing. Whether the size is incorrect or the style is, it’s often a rush to cancel our orders before they ship.

Fortunately, Zara allows you to cancel your orders. However, there is a very small window for this to occur. So, to know when to cancel your order before this window closes, keep reading!

How Can I Cancel a Zara Order in 2024?

To cancel a Zara order, you’ll have to contact customer service in 2024. Typically, this can be done on the phone or via email. Supply your order and payment details so that a representative can find your order and cancel it. Often, it helps to add this information into your first email so that they can cancel it right away.

For information on how long refunds take and how returns work, along with other related facts, take a look at our answers below.

Do Canceled Orders Get Refunded on Zara?

If you cancel an order on Zara’s website, the company typically refunds within 30 days of the cancellation.

However, this can vary quite a bit, and depends on when the company updates its account.

Typically, Zara will refund orders at the beginning of the month.

Therefore, if you cancel your order towards the middle of the month, you typically have quite a bit of time before you can expect your order to be refunded.

As you’d expect, the money is refunded to the same method you used to make the purchase.

Therefore, if you use a debit card, the money will appear back in your bank, and if you utilize a credit card, the amount you owe will be deducted.

What Happens If You Don’t Pick up a Zara Order?

Typically, if you never pick up your order, the company will send it back and provide you with a refund.

Usually, the deadline for picking up your order is sent with your confirmation. Therefore, you should know exactly when you can pick up your order and when it will be sent back.

If your item does get sent back, you can order it again. However, keep in mind that refunds can take a little bit to go through – sometimes as much as 30 days.

Therefore, it’s typically in your best interest to pick up your order.

However, the company does not punish you with fees if you don’t pick it up. Therefore, if you decide you don’t want your order anymore, there is usually nothing wrong with not picking it up.

How Long Do Zara Orders Usually Take to Arrive?

How Long Do Zara Orders Usually Take to Arrive?

Often, a Zara order takes about two to four business days to arrive. If you order during the week, then the company aims to have your order delivered the next day.

However, on the weekend and during heavy-traffic periods, this isn’t often possible.

For instance, around the holidays, both Zara and delivery companies receive many more shipments.

Therefore, it usually takes towards the end of this period for your clothes to be delivered.

However, if things aren’t particularly busy and you live near a warehouse, the company may be able to deliver the clothes the next day.

Why Won’t Zara Let Me Cancel My Order?

You can’t always cancel your order on Zara. If the order has already gone into the advanced preparation stage, then your order has progressed past the point of cancellation.

Typically, by this point, the company already has your order together and is simply getting it out of the warehouse. Therefore, you can’t cancel your order.

Plus, you also can’t cancel your order if it has already shipped. At this point, the courier already has the package, and therefore it’s out of Zara’s hands.

However, you can return your purchase to the company after you have received it.

Typically, Zara allows you to return most orders for a complete refund. The company’s refund policy is quite good, which is often vital for fashion companies.

How Long Do Zara Online Refunds Take?

Often, you’ll have to wait until the end of the month or the beginning of next month to receive your refund.

The company does all refunds at once, and not as they come. Therefore, the company doesn’t provide you with a refund right away.

It takes a little bit for your Zara refund to be completed. If you’re mailing clothes back, the company will often inspect the clothes before the refund is complete.

Whenever your refund is done, you should receive email confirmation.

After you’ve received this email confirmation, it usually takes another 14 days or so for the company to process your payment.

Therefore, receiving a refund at Zara can often be a long process.

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Zara allows you to cancel your order, just as you’d expect. However, the company only allows this before the order has entered the advanced processing stage, which occurs right before shipping.

At this point, the process cannot be stopped, and you’ll have to return the items after you’ve received them. However, this window is extremely small, as Zara ships very quickly.

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