How To Resign From Amazon (Using A To Z, Notice + More)

Amazon is one of the largest corporations in the world, and also one of the largest employers in the US. However, it has a very high employee turnover rate, as people leave to seek better opportunities.

If you’re one of those people considering leaving Amazon, you may have wondered how to quit your job. We did some research on this important topic, and here’s what we found!

How Can I Quit Amazon In 2024?

You can quit your job at Amazon by using the online form on the A to Z or the website in 2024. You can also quit in person by talking to Human Resources, and letting them know the date for your last day. In both cases, it’s best to give two weeks’ notice, though it’s not a legal necessity.

To find out more about how to quit your job at Amazon, and what to do about your accrued PTO, carry on reading for all the details below!

Can I Quit My Amazon Job Online?

If you decide to quit your Amazon job, it’s best to do it the right way, instead of just walking off the job. This way, you keep your options open.

The right way to quit your job at Amazon is to let management know two weeks in advance. There are two ways you can do this- online or in-person.

If you decide to quit online, you can just fill out the form without having to make any phone calls, or send any letters or emails.

You can use the Amazon a to z app, or log in to the website, which employees use to check schedules, request time off, and manage their profiles.

At the bottom of the home screen, you’ll see a message that reads: “Thinking of leaving Amazon? We don’t want to see you go, but we can help you resign. Learn more.”

Click on the “Learn more” link to access the online form. Once you’ve completed and submitted the form, the system will submit a trouble ticket to process your resignation.

You will receive a Voluntary Termination email after a few days. Then all you need to do is work out your notice.

If you prefer to resign in person, you can talk to Human Resources, and then send a letter or email stating clearly the date you will be leaving.

Whichever method you choose, it’s best to act in a considerate and professional manner throughout the process.

Do You Have to Give Two Weeks’ Notice at Amazon?

You don’t need to give two weeks’ notice at Amazon, since it’s not legally necessary, but it is a considerate thing to do.

Giving your supervisor two weeks’ notice allows for a smoother transition, and gives managers a chance to reschedule work.

What Happens After You Quit Your Job at Amazon?

What Happens After You Quit Your Job at Amazon?

After you quit your job at Amazon, you’ll have some loose ends to tie up. Human Resources will handle some of those, and others like unused PTO may take some effort on your part.

If you have unused and accrued paid time off (PTO) and vacation hours left when you resign, you may be entitled to a payout, depending on where you live.

Some states like Colorado, Massachusetts and Michigan have laws that require Amazon to pay your accrued vacation and PTO after you resign.

Will Amazon Rehire Someone Who Quit?

Amazon’s rehire policy is more liberal than many other companies. If you quit your job at Amazon, they will rehire you, but only after 90 days have passed.

The 90-day wait period before rehiring at Amazon compares favorably with other companies that will wait at least 6 months before rehiring.

Amazon will also rehire someone who was terminated, but only after one year has passed.

The only exceptions to the rehire policy would be employees who were terminated for misconduct or theft.

Further, Amazon employees who have been terminated are given the option of a $5,000 severance package.

A terminated employee who accepts the severance package cannot be rehired.

How Long Do Employees Stay at Amazon?

Amazon has high turnover among its employees, and the average tenure is just 9 to 12 months. There are many reasons Amazon employees keep leaving, but one stands out.

The company is known for having a very stressful work environment, even though some changes have been made in the workplace recently.

However, for many people, it’s still a good choice to take their skills and experience to a less stressful and better paid job.

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You can quit your Amazon job online using the a to z app or website, and by filling out the online form. You can also quit in person by talking to Human Resources, and following up with a letter or email stating your last day at work.

You’re not legally required to give two weeks’ notice, but it’s a good idea to leave a positive impression in case you ever need to go back.

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