How Do Amazon Points Work? (All You Need To Know)

Many stores offer rewards programs to draw customers in and offer incentives to regular shoppers. Store points may give you free items or exciting discounts at the shops you love the most.

While shopping on Amazon, you may have come across the Amazon Points payment option. So what exactly is it, and how do Amazon Points work? This captured my interest, too, so I looked it up, and here’s what I know now!

How Do Amazon Points Work?

Amazon Points gives you the chance to shop with credit card reward points on Amazon. This includes Amazon Store Card rewards, plus popular rewards programs like American Express, Capital One, Discover, Chase Ultimate Rewards, HSBC Bank, and Hilton Honors. Customers can also use reward points to make purchases on Amazon, offering a much greater selection of items for reward redemption.

If you want to know more about how Amazon Points work, including how to sign up and what you can use your points for, then keep reading for the full scoop!

What Can You Use Amazon Points For?

Amazon Points lets you take credit card reward points and use them to pay for just about anything on Amazon.

In most cases, you can use your points just like money, meaning whatever items you add to your Amazon cart can be paid for with points from a participating credit card rewards program.

However, there are only a few exclusions, mainly subscription services and special deliveries.

Additionally, a lot of credit card reward programs are limited in terms of what you can get with your points, but those that partner with Amazon have a much greater selection of rewards.

If you are enrolled in a valid partner program, you could use your points to buy clothing, toys, household supplies, groceries, skincare, and so much more directly from and the Amazon app.

Because Amazon treats partner credit card points like money, you can shop like normal as if you were using a credit card or gift card for the transaction.

And don’t worry – you can apply points at checkout and then charge the rest to your card, so you don’t need to have the full value in points to treat yourself to something nice on Amazon.

What Can’t You Use Amazon Points For?

Millions of Amazon products are up for grabs with valid credit card points from an approved partner program.

However, there are a few transactions you can’t use Amazon Points for, including:

  • Amazon Kindle downloads
  • Amazon video titles and digital music
  • AmazonAllowance
  • Amazon Appstore apps
  • AmazonFresh items
  • Subscribe and Save items
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Pre-order items
  • Textbook rentals

One other thing to keep in mind is that you can’t currently use points for Amazon’s one-click checkout.

That’s because you need to confirm your credit card and points preference to ensure the points are applied during checkout.

What Credit Cards Work For Amazon Points?

What Credit Cards Work For Amazon Points?

Amazon partners with some of the biggest credit card companies to support point purchases across millions of items in hundreds of product categories.

If you are enrolled in one of the following credit card reward programs, you can link your points to Amazon for a seamless shopping experience:

  • Amazon Rewards Visa Signature
  • Amazon Store Cards
  • Amazon Business American Express
  • American Express
  • Capital One
  • Chase
  • Citi
  • Discover
  • Hilton Honors
  • HSBC Bank

Amazon provides more details on how much points from each program are worth and other perks of these partnerships on its Amazon Points page.

How To Redeem Reward Points On Amazon?

To redeem credit card reward points on Amazon, first, you need to be signed up to one of Amazon’s participating credit cards.

If you have a valid credit card and reward program membership, you can use this information to link your rewards to Amazon so you can start shopping with points.

Head to the Amazon Points home page and click on your credit card program. Amazon has a set page for each credit card partner, with special links to ensure quick linking between the two accounts.

Simply follow the prompts, which may involve logging into your credit card reward account and providing your membership number.

Once your reward points are linked, simply shop on Amazon like normal and select the applicable credit card at checkout. Click on Apply Points to get the full benefit of all the reward points you’ve racked up.

Your past Amazon orders will show how you paid for them, including points and credit cards, while your actual rewards account outlines your current balance and redemption history.

Do Amazon Credit Cards Have Reward Programs?

Amazon has several credit cards, and points from all three can be used to make purchases on Amazon.

Frequent Amazon shoppers may score some pretty good deals by signing up for a credit card from their favorite store, especially when the points can be easily converted into extra discounts on thousands of everyday items.

Additionally, Amazon Rewards Visa Signature cardholders not only earn cashback but also points on every purchase.

As an example, 100 reward points equal one dollar to redeem on Amazon purchases, and that’s the same with Amazon Business American Express cards.

One thing to note, however, is that Amazon Store Cards are different, as one point is worth one redeemable dollar, so it just depends on which card you prefer.

Of course, the more you spend with an Amazon credit card, the more you can expect to get back in points and other rewards.

Do You Need A Credit Card For Amazon Points?

Shopping with points on Amazon is made possible through credit card reward programs. You can’t be a member of these programs without a valid credit card, so you will need a participating card to use points on Amazon.

Keep in mind that every reward program is different, and while Amazon partners with seven different credit card companies outside its own card offerings, the policies are unique for each one.

For example, 500 Hilton Honors points are equivalent to one dollar on Amazon, but with an Amazon Rewards Visa card, 100 points convert to one dollar.

You can view the full conversions and details of each credit card program on the Amazon Points page. You can also contact your credit card company directly to find out all the different ways you can redeem points.

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