How Do You Check Walmart Gift Card Balances? (+ Other FAQs)

You may have noticed that your Walmart gift card doesn’t show you your balance. So, how will you know how much you have available to spend?

I’ve been curious about the same thing. So, here’s everything I discovered throughout my research on the issue!

How To Check Walmart Gift Card Balance?

Checking the balance of your Walmart gift card depends on the type of gift card and if you’re a US or Canadian cardholder. Before using your Walmart gift card, you can check the balance on your card either online, at Walmart locations, or with the automated phone system. Specialty Cards have different dedicated websites and automated systems.

If you need to know how to find your Walmart gift card balance quickly, keep reading!

Different Ways To Check Your Walmart Gift Card Balance

When you receive a Walmart gift card, you will notice the value is not on the card because the cards are reloadable.

Before use, you can check the balance on your card either online, at Walmart locations, or through the automated phone system.

Check Online

If you’re checking the balance online, you will need to enter the 16-digit gift card number and PIN found on the back of your card here.

Check Through the Automated Phone System

Customers without access to the internet can check their gift card balance through the automated phone system by calling 1-888-537-5503.

Check at Walmart Stores

Also, customers can check their gift card balance at Customer Service desks or cash registers at any Walmart location.

Check On Walmart’s App

First, log in to your account to check your gift card balance from the Walmart app. Then, click on the “Wallet” tab to access all forms of payment associated with your account.

Next, scroll down to the “Gift Card” section, and you will find all gift cards loaded to your account. There, you can locate the total balance in the lower left-hand corner.

Check Balance Scan

Another way to check your gift card balance while at Walmart is to ask an associate to scan the gift card with their hand-held device.

Do Walmart Gift Cards Come Pre-Loaded With a Balance?

When you purchase a Walmart gift card, they have no balance, so you must load money onto the card before use.

Conveniently, funds can be loaded onto the card at Walmart stores, by phone, or by visiting

Then, simply enter the 16-digit card number found on the back of the card, PIN, and hit the “Checkout” button!

Can I Re-Load Funds To My Walmart Gift Card?

Since Walmart gift cards don’t come pre-loaded in any amount, you can keep them and re-load funds either online or at your local store, which means that the lucky recipients can keep using them!

Where Is the Gift Card Number On My Walmart Gift Card?

Where Is The Gift Card Number On My Walmart Gift Card?

Unlike traditional debit or credit cards, Walmart gift cards place the 16-digit card number on the back of the card.

How Do I Find the PIN Number For My Walmart Gift Card?

Finding your Walmart gift card PIN can be a pain in the neck but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

That said, you can find this unique code under the silver scratch-off section in the bottom right-hand corner of your card.

If, for some reason, you find your card doesn’t have a PIN, or you get a little too scratch-happy and can’t read it, you will only be able to use your card at Walmart stores.

For your security, you must enter your PIN to make online purchases or check your balance. Additionally, you can trade cards with missing PINs at Walmart and Sam’s Club locations.

How Do I Check My Walmart Gift Card Balance Without Scratching Off the PIN?

Unfortunately, you need to provide a PIN to check your Walmart gift card balance. With that, each card has a unique PIN associated with it, providing security for the customer.

How Do I Check My Walmart Gift Card Balance History?

For your convenience, you can quickly pull up your gift card balance history in the Walmart app.

After logging in to the Walmart app, click on the “Wallet” section and scroll to find which gift card you want to review.

Next, click on “View Card History” in the lower right-hand corner. That said, clicking on this link pulls up the transactional history of deposits and purchases made with the gift card.

Does My Walmart Visa Gift Card Have a PIN?

For Walmart Visa gift cards purchased after April 1st, 2013, the PIN is the last four digits of the card number. However, cards bought before this date do not have a PIN.

How Do I Check the Balance On My Walmart Visa Gift Card?

You can check your balance for free without ever leaving the store!

To do so, just ask an associate at the register, go online to the Walmart Visa Gift Card website, or call the automated phone system at 1-866-633-9096.

How Do I Check My Walmart Gift Card Balance In Canada?

In Canada, you can purchase Vanilla prepaid Mastercard, Visa cards, and Walmart gift cards at Walmart stores.

Checking Canadian Walmart Gift Cards & eGift Card Balances

You can make balance inquiries for Walmart gift cards and eGift cards in Canada by calling the automated line 1-888-537-5503.

Checking Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard & Visa Balances

If you need to check the balance of your Vanilla prepaid Mastercard or Visa, you may call the automated line at 1-888-537-5503.

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