How Do You Replace A Lost Amazon Credit Card? (Full Guide)

An Amazon credit card is an excellent way to buy all the products you need, even if you do not have the necessary funds right away.

But if you lose or have your Amazon credit card stolen, you may be curious about how Amazon handles replacements. Here is everything I discovered about how Amazon handles lost credit cards and gift cards!

How Do You Replace A Lost Amazon Credit Card?

If you lost an Amazon credit card, call the toll-free number at Chase bank (800) 432-3117. After reporting a lost or stolen credit card, your account is immediately closed to prevent fraudulent charges. Additionally, Amazon replaces lost or stolen gift cards, whether it is electronic or physical versions.

To learn how to report a lost Amazon credit card and how to receive a new credit card, keep on reading!

What Do You Do If You Lose Your Amazon Credit Card?

Amazon offers an Amazon credit card which is provided by Chase bank. So, if you lose your Amazon credit card at any point in time, you should immediately call Chase at their toll-free number.

The phone number for Chase is (800) 432-3117, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As soon as you call Chase bank and tell them you lost your Amazon credit card, it will cancel your old card and issue you a replacement.

Additionally, Chase assures you that your new Amazon credit card will arrive between three and five days.

If you have an Amazon Store Card, there is a different number you need to call if you lose your card. Synchrony Bank issues the Amazon Store Card, and you should call (877) 295-2080 to receive a new card.

No matter what Amazon card you have, the process of replacing a lost store or credit card is very simple.

How Do You Activate An Amazon Credit Card?

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Activating your Amazon credit card is simple, and Amazon allows you to do it all online. The first step in activating your credit card is to log in to your Chase bank account online.

If you do not have an account with Chase bank, you must sign up with your Social Security number and card information, account number, or application number.

You can also activate your Amazon credit card over the phone. The number to call is (800) 432-3117, which will give you a number of prompts to follow to activate your card successfully.

If you have an Amazon store card, call (866) 634-8379 to activate the card.

Does Amazon Replace Lost Gift Cards?

Whether you have an electronic or physical gift card from Amazon, the online retail company does replace lost gift cards.

For an Amazon gift card that was delivered electronically, you can resend the card by going to the ‘Your Orders’ section of your Amazon account.

If you happen to lose a physical Amazon gift card, make sure you contact Amazon’s customer service line for help.

The customer service line at Amazon can help with any problems you may have regarding gift cards.

How Does Amazon Deal With Lost Or Stolen Credit Cards?

If you accidentally lose your Amazon credit card, Amazon takes care of the situation right away to ensure a stranger cannot use your credit card to buy products.

With that, your account will be closed as soon as you report a lost or stolen Amazon credit card. A closed account means that the credit card cannot be used to purchase any product under any circumstances.

Closing the account is a safety measure intended to protect you from fraudulent charges.

After your account is closed, a new account will be created for you, and a new credit card will be mailed to your home address.

It is important to keep in mind that these actions cannot be reversed. So if you find an Amazon credit card after canceling the account, simply throw it away because the account no longer exists.

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Amazon does replace stolen or misplaced Amazon credit cards and gift cards. As soon as you call Amazon reporting a lost credit card, they cancel your account.

To replace a lost gift card, you will need to contact Amazon’s customer service line if you have a physical card. For an electronic gift card, simply resend it to your email by accessing your Amazon account settings.

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