How Does Uber Package Delivery Work? (All You Need to Know)

Uber has grown beyond its initial focus on providing on-demand rides and has introduced several other services, including package delivery.

So, if you’re considering using Uber to deliver a package but you need to know how it works first, here’s all you should know!

How Does Uber Package Delivery Work in 2024?

Package delivery with Uber works by letting you request a courier to your location, handing over the item, and sending them to the pickup location. Uber Connect is a service intended for package delivery by regular customers and provides same-day shipment over short distances. Additionally, you can track Uber Connect deliveries in real-time from right within the app in 2024.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about how package delivery on Uber works, including how to use the service, other options you have, and more!

What Can I Send With Uber Connect?

Uber Connect lets you send most items as long as you meet these requirements:

  1. Your package doesn’t contain any prohibited items
  2. Your package can fit comfortably inside the trunk of a mid-size car
  3. Your package doesn’t weigh more than 30lbs
  4. Your package isn’t worth more than $100
  5. Your package is sealed securely

What Can’t I Send With Uber Connect?

Some of the items you can’t send with Uber Connect are as follows:

  1. People and animals
  2. Anything illegal
  3. Firearms, ammo, and weapons, including parts
  4. Alcohol
  5. Recreational drugs, drug paraphernalia, and tobacco products
  6. Highly perishable goods like raw meat and dairy products
  7. Vitamins, supplements, pharmaceutical products, or over-the-counter medications, unless they’re coming from or headed to a medical facility or pharmacy
  8. Money, lottery tickets, and gift cards
  9. Stolen items
  10. Fragile items
  11. Anything you don’t have permission to send
  12. Sexual aids or pornographic material
  13. Anything the recipient could consider threatening or harassing

Additionally, you can’t use Uber Connect to send items over international borders regardless of how short the distance is.

Can I Use Uber to Deliver a Gift?

Can I Use Uber to Deliver a Gift?

You can use Uber to deliver a gift as a package and have the recipient get it from the driver at the dropoff location.

If the gift is intended to be a surprise, it might be harder, because many drivers prefer to have someone to hand items off to, otherwise they consider it too much of a risk.

You could send the package off with instructions to leave it at the recipient’s door, but the driver is allowed to refuse your delivery request.

However, one way to get around this is to have someone other than the person the gift is intended for pick it up at the drop-off location.

How to Use Uber Connect

To use Uber Connect, follow these steps:

  1. Get your package ready by ensuring it doesn’t contain any prohibited items, then close and secure it
  2. In the Uber app, select Connect, follow the prompts, and request delivery
  3. Enter the name and address of the recipient, along with any special instructions for the driver
  4. Meet the driver at the curb and load the package into their vehicle
  5. Contact the recipient and give them a heads up about the delivery with all the necessary information

What Is Uber Direct?

Uber Direct is a delivery service that allows businesses to get drivers that can handle their shipping needs.

This includes getting items from their suppliers, between locations, and to their customers.

What Is Uber Freight?

Uber Freight is a delivery service that allows truck drivers to provide shipping under the rideshare model.

Uber Freight is different from Uber Connect in the following key ways:

  1. It works on a larger scale, using 18-wheeler trucks to provide freight services for larger cargo, e.g. for businesses
  2. Delivery could take significantly longer than Connect’s same-day shipping
  3. Because it handles larger cargo, the value of the loads is also higher
  4. Drivers using reefers can transport perishable goods that require refrigeration

As of now, Uber Freight is focused on large cargo, meaning that vehicles like boxes and pickup trucks aren’t eligible for use.

How Does Uber Freight Work?

Uber Freight works by matching truck drivers that have their own trailers to customers that want to move large cargo.

Drivers receive requests and, if they accept them, they drive out to where they’re supposed to pick up the cargo, load it up, and transport it to the delivery location.

As well, there’s a different program under Freight called Powerloop that allows drivers to pick up preloaded trailers.

How Does Uber Powerloop Work?

Uber Powerloop matches truck drivers to trailer owners, operating under a “power only” system where the “power” is the truck itself.

This option has the trailer owners handle the customers and loading, whereas the driver only has to book a trailer and get it to its destination on time.

Overall, Powerloop is intended to benefit drivers that can’t or don’t want to have their own trailers for Freight.

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Package delivery on Uber works by letting you request a driver from the app under Uber Connect, hand them the package, and have them take it to the dropoff location. You also have the option to track the package in real-time through the app.

Uber lets you send several types of items but, for everyday deliveries, the package needs to be small enough to fit inside a trunk, not be fragile or too valuable, and not contain prohibited items. Some of Uber’s prohibited items include drugs, alcohol, firearms, people, and animals.

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